The Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Taster Jobs

Have you always dreamed of becoming a chocolate taster?

Do you love to eat chocolate as much as the next person, but would like to make it your career?

If you love chocolate, then being a chocolatier may be the perfect job for you. You will spend all day tasting and testing new flavors to make sure that they are just right. If this sounds like something that interests you, then read on!

In this blog post, we will go over what a typical day might be like for a chocolate taster and highlight some of the skills that are needed in order to become one. We’ll also discuss how someone can find their first job and tips on how they can continue their education in order to get ahead in the world of chocolate tasting!


What is a chocolate taster?

A chocolate taster identifies the different types of chocolate by their physical properties such as texture, viscosity and consistency. A chocolate taster needs to have an excellent sense of taste so they can describe more complex flavours like fruity or earthy notes that need to be paired with chocolate.

Is there a job as a chocolate taster?

Yes! Tasting chocolate can be a full-time profession. There are many different positions within the chocolate industry, such as chocolate taster or chocolate maker and chocolatier. You may even get to travel all over the world eating delicious chocolate for your job!

How do I become a chocolate taster?

In order to become a chocolate taster, you need to have an interest in chocolate and be able to taste accurately. You also need to have excellent communication skills since this is your main way of evaluating the chocolate that you are tasting.

Chocolate tasters have a challenging task. They ensure the flavour of chocolate extract is diverse and high quality, so as to maximise customer satisfaction. To do this, the taste of strength and texture should be matched with tasting for flavour intensity, sweetness levels and acidity.

How do I become a professional chocolate taster?

To become a chocolate taster requires dedication, creativity and above all else an appreciation of chocolate. From there, you can enhance your chocolate tasting skills by taking the time to learn more about what goes into making chocolate – from cocoa beans to finished bars. This could mean travelling around the world in order to experience different cultures’ takes on this delicious chocolate treat.

Some chocolate tasting skills you can learn include:

  • Identifying the different flavours in chocolate and how they relate to each other (e.g., fruity, nutty)
  • Distinguishing between burnt notes or a sour note that may be present in chocolate and know when this is desirable for chocolate’s flavour profile
  • Understanding chocolate’s physical properties such as texture, viscosity and consistency
  • Identifying the different types of chocolate (cocoa solids or cocoa butter)

How do I get started with becoming a chocolate taster?

To begin your chocolate tasting career you will need to find an educational institution that offers courses in Chocolate Tasting. There are chocolate tasting schools that offer both online courses and in-person classes.

If you want to work your way up the chocolate industry ladder, you should consider taking a chocolate maker course as well. The skills learned can be applied for any position within chocolate production such as chocolate taster or chocolatier.

A common tool used by chocolate tasters is a chocolate taste wheel. This tool helps the chocolate taster understand and describe chocolate flavours, as well as identify different types of chocolate. You can find one here:

Chocolate Taste Wheel

chocolate sensory wheel
Image from Barry Callebaut
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How do I become a professional chocolate maker?

Becoming a chocolate maker requires someone to have knowledge about many aspects related to chocolate – from cocoa bean plantations to product packaging. To become a chocolate maker, you will need to work your way up the ladder in order to gain experience that is necessary for each level of chocolate production responsibility.

The first step on this journey into becoming a chocolate maker should be doing an internship at any chocolate company or facility near where you live or would like to live. This will give you a chance to get experience and learn about chocolate making from the ground up, including all of its facets.

A lot goes into chocolate production. Whether it’s in terms of developing new flavors or figuring out how best to package your chocolate for distribution at large retailers.

If you’re really passionate about chocolate, you should consider taking a chocolate making course. This will help you improve your knowledge and skills related to chocolate production – from cocoa beans all the way to finished bars of chocolate.

What kind of education do I need to become a chocolate taster?

There is no specific degree or certificate for being a chocolate taster. However, chocolate tasting can be learned through chocolate taster courses or chocolate maker courses such as the ones offered by IICCT (International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting) and Ecole Chocolat which is are online schools for chocolate lovers who want to make chocolate into a career.

For those who would like to work in other areas of chocolate production such as chocolatiering and manufacturing chocolate, chocolate maker courses are available. Chocolate Academy is one institution you should check out if you want to pursue this.

How do I start my career as a chocolate taster?

To start your chocolate tasting career you will need to find an educational institution that offers courses in chocolate tasting. There are chocolate taster schools that offer both online courses and in-person classes.

Once you have the skills, consider looking for internship opportunities with chocolate companies.

Professional chocolate taster salary

The average salary for chocolate tasters in the United States is approximately $35,000. There are tasters who earn higher or lower than that. Your skills, years of experience are a factor. The top tier tasters can earn up to $100,000 a year.

Companies hiring chocolate tasters

The chocolate industry is growing, and there are a number of companies that offer chocolate tasting jobs. Some examples include Neuhaus Chocolates; Nestle USA, Hershey’s Chocolate World at the Hersheypark Resort near Hershey Pennsylvania, Lindt America Inc. which has chocolate tasting jobs available. We’ll update the list with more companies that are hiring chocolate tasters.

Put your taste buds to work!

Chocolate tasting is a career that can be rewarding and lucrative. chocolate tasters are people who understand chocolate flavors, identify different types of chocolate as well as chocolate making equipment. We hope this article has given you a head start on your chocolate tasting career.

Comment below with any new opening for chocolate tasters around you!

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