Top 13 Night Shift Jobs

If you love working at night, there are different types of jobs available that you can choose from. Maybe you are a student who has classes during the day. A mom who wants to minimize childcare expenses. A night owl who is more productive when everyone else is asleep. Or you are looking for ways to supplement your day job income, an overnight job might be a good fit for you.

Though anyone can take on an overnight job, the right job for you will depend on your experience, education, skills, and interests. While some jobs may require specialized training, we are going to focus on a mix of those that require experience and expertise, remote overnight jobs, and a few that require a high school diploma.

Night Shift Jobs Near Me

If you’ve been searching for a night shift job, we hope this list will help you find an evening, night, or graveyard shift job that fits your skill set.

#1 Firefighter

Firefighters work day and night. As a firefighter, you should be ready to take on 24-hour shifts when emergencies occur. Part of your work includes testing out equipment to ensure they are in good condition. Carrying out exercises and drills in different settings to prepare for emergencies.

Job Qualifications:  A high school diploma is required. Some firefighters receive on-job training while others attend fire training academies. Having an Emergency Medical Training (EMT) certificate is a plus.

Pay: According to, firefighters earn a median annual wage of $47,944 [1]

#2 Security Guard

As the name suggests, a security guard is tasked with the security of a particular building or place. They patrol and monitor their place of work to ensure nothing out of the normal is taking place. Security guards are also in charge of screening visitors to ensure dangerous materials are not allowed in. Detaining violators and writing reports on violations is also part of a security guards’ job.

Job Qualifications: A high school diploma. If you want to venture into this field as a manager or supervisor, a bachelor’s degree with coursework in criminal justice or law enforcement will boost your chances.

Pay: According to glassdoor, security guards’ average base pay is $29,863 while security managers average $73K. [2]

#3 Police Officer

Police officers help to maintain law and order. They patrol the neighborhoods and respond to various emergencies including crimes and road accidents. As a police officer, you need to be adaptable to different situations. Crimes and situations vary and one has to understand and apply the law to situations as they evolve. Police officers also need to maintain good relationships with community members where they work. This helps them to secure leads when doing an investigation and also helps in preventing crime.

Job Qualifications:  A high school diploma. Working for some municipalities and the federal government may require one to have college coursework in law or criminal justice.

Pay: Pay varies by state. According to BLS, the median annual wage for police and detectives is $67,290 [3]

#4 Rideshare/Taxi Driver

If you’ve got a car and you are looking to supplement your income with a night shift job, consider working as a taxi driver. Sign up with taxi-hailing apps such as Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies. As a ridesharing service driver, you’ll be rated by the passengers you carry based on your interactions with them and your level of customer service.

Job Qualifications: A driving license is required. You also need to meet the minimum age to drive in your city. As a driver, you also undergo screening which includes a review of your driving history and criminal record. There are also minimum car and insurance requirements to be met.

Pay: What you earn will largely depend on the number of hours you put in. According to BLS, ridesharing and taxi drivers earn a median annual salary of $ 25,980 [4]

#5 Resort, Motel, and Hotel Front Desk Clerk

Resorts, motels, and hotels operate on a 24-hour basis. The front desk, which serves as the go-to place for patrons and lodgers when they have questions or need help, needs to be staffed at all hours. This makes overnight and evening positions often available.

Job Qualifications: A high school diploma and on-the-job training.

Pay: The median annual pay for resort, motel, and hotel front desk clerks is $25,490 [5]

Remote Night Jobs       

Remote night shift jobs allow you to work at night from the comfort of your home. If you are a night owl but don’t want to leave home but still earn some money, here are some options for you.

#6 Transcription

Transcription work involves converting audio or video files into text. You are required to type out everything you hear and format it according to a client’s needs. Though you may need to interact with editors during different working hours, work from home transcription jobs can be done in the evening, overnight, or on weekends.

Job Qualifications: A high school diploma. If you want to niche down and work only in a specific industry like medical transcription or legal transcription, a degree in that specific field will increase your chances.

Pay: Most transcription companies pay per audio minute. The rates vary. According to PayScale, the median hourly rate for a transcriber is $15.22/hour. [6]

#7 Freelance Writer

Freelance writers research and develop content. They can work for online or print publications. While the work can be done overnight, in the evening, or on weekends, freelance writers often have to work with set deadlines. Freelancer writers may also need to interact with editors during normal working hours.

Job Qualifications:  A college degree. While a college degree gives you a competitive edge, having expertise in a particular field coupled with good writing skills can earn you writing gigs without formal academic documents.

Pay: Pay varies according to your skill level. Beginner freelance writers may earn as low as $5 per page while experienced copywriters can earn 100 dollars or more writing a few lines. According to, the average hourly rate for freelance writers is $25. [7]

#8 Customer Service Agent

Customer service agents offer customer service to a company’s clientele. This may involve responding to customer emails or offering phone support. Companies that operate 24 hours are often looking for customer service agents to work evening or night shifts.

Some employers you may end up working for include banks, cable companies, insurance companies, telecommunication companies among others.

Job Qualifications: You need to be professional, patient, and have a people-first attitude. Most companies offer on-the-job training.

Pay: According to BLS, a customer service representative earns an annual median pay of $35,830 [8]

#9 Proofreading Jobs

Authors, bloggers are always looking to hire proofreaders to help polish their content before its published. Proofreading jobs can be done overnight. This especially works best if you are working with clients in different time zones. You’ll be able to complete the task and send it back for the client to view when they wake up. Proofreaders may be required to work during traditional work hours to check in with editors on a few things.

Job Qualifications: A degree in journalism is a plus. Good grammar. You may also invest in a few grammar tools to help you complete your work faster.

Pay: According to PayScale, the average hourly pay for proofreaders is $18.44 [9]   

#10 Online Tutor

Online tutors help students with their homework and studies in general. In other instances, they teach English to foreign students. This can be done evenings or overnight. Some websites offer teaching materials and lesson plans which make it easier to complete your work.

Job Qualifications:  Depending on who you are helping with homework, a high school diploma or degree may be sufficient. Knowledge in a specific field is an added advantage.

Pay: The pay varies. According to PayScale, tutors earn an hourly average of $17.88 [10]

Night Shift Jobs near me

If you are looking for a full or part-time night job near you, we’ve got you covered. Here are night jobs that you can do either part-time or full-time overnight. Some of these require specialized skills to be hired.

#11 Registered Nurse

Nurses have the flexibility to work any shift they want, and this includes working overnight. To be a great nurse, you need to have patience and be sensitive to other people’s needs, as you get to handle patients with varied needs. Sound judgment is also required to help you decide which cases you can handle and which ones to call in for additional medical help.

Job Qualifications: An associate’s or bachelor’s degree from a nursing school or college is required. Online learning is also required to stay up to date on nursing practices and other health issues.

Pay: According to BLS, the median annual wage for registered nurses is $75,330 [11]

#12 Air Traffic Controller

As long as airports are in operation, there will always be a demand for air traffic controllers. They work around the clock including overnight and weekends. They monitor the movement of aircraft around the airports – both on the ground and in the airspace. They are also tasked with communicating with flight staff and providing advisory in non-controlled airspace.

Job Qualifications: An associate’s or bachelor’s degree from At CTI program is required.

Pay: According to BLS, air traffic controllers annual median pay is $130,420

#13 Emergency Room Doctor

Emergency rooms are always busy especially in the evenings, making the demand for doctors who work night shifts very high. ER doctors must be quick to prioritize and diagnose a wide range of injuries and illnesses. Decide on which tests a patient needs to undergo and if they need to be referred to a specialist. They are also responsible for creating treatment plans.

Job Qualifications: A complete medical degree and required licensing in their state. Familiarity with emergency room protocols.

Pay: According to, ER physicians earn an annual median salary of $293,656 [13]

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