17 Side Hustle Ideas for Women: Make Extra Money on the Side

There are many side hustles for women that can make you extra money on the side. From making jewelry to crafting, side hustles give you an opportunity to explore your creative side while earning some extra cash at the same time!

Women are known to be the queens of hustling. If you look around, most women are always juggling two or more jobs to make an extra coin. Women side hustles are not only limited to traditional jobs like accounting, teaching, or nursing. With the digital economy taking shape, women haven’t been left behind either. It’s now possible for women to work from home, make money online and still enjoy some quality time with their loved ones.

If you want to earn an extra income on the side without being too demanding of your time, here are some side hustle ideas for women.

Best Side Hustles for Woman

As women, we are naturally good at multi-tasking. Why not expand your side hustle portfolio and earn a little extra on the side? Hop online to learn more about these side hustles for women today!

Become a mom blogger

If you have a knack for writing and love sharing your thoughts with people online, blog about something interesting to you. You can start a blog for free on platforms such as WordPress or Blogger and begin sharing your thoughts with the world. Once you have built up a following, you can then monetize your blog by placing ads on it or through affiliate marketing programs.

Are you an expert in a certain area? Why not offer consulting services to other people online?

Start an Instagram page and monetize it.

If you like taking pictures, then start a side hustle by posting your favorite snaps on Instagram. You can either become an influencer or sell products to others based on the photos that you post. To make money from this side hustle idea, all you need is a good number of followers.

Resume writer

People are always looking for jobs. And, to knock out your competition, one needs to have an impeccable resume. Not everyone is gifted with writing an eye-catching resume that will get someone to the next phase of the interview process. If you have a knack for resume writing, start offering your services to others and watch your side hustle take off.

Sell your crafts on Etsy

Do you like making things with your hands? Why not start selling them on Etsy? Many women make a killing by selling their handmade crafts online. If you’re not sure what to sell, take a look at the most popular items on Etsy and see if there’s anything that you can make.

Digital products are also a good option. If you’re not good at design, you may consider hiring a designer to work for you or look into purchasing PLR products and reselling.

Become a virtual assistant

This side hustle idea is perfect for busy moms who want to earn some money on the side without being too demanding of their time. If you have great organizational skills, consider becoming a virtual assistant and help people manage their businesses from home or simply handle tasks online on your own time.


If you are good with sales or creating some catchy FB ads, you may want to consider starting your own dropshipping venture. This side hustle idea doesn’t require any overhead cost and you can start it from the comfort of your home. There are several tutorials online from sites like Oberlo that will guide you. They cover everything from creating a store, sourcing products, and fulfillment.

Personal shopper

Naturally, women love to shop. Why not turn your love for shopping into a profitable side hustle? You can become a personal shopper to other busy professionals online. All you need is some free time, the ability to shop for others, and good negotiating skills.

As a freelance personal shopper, you’ll interact with your clients through phone, video chat, or email. Your work may also involve offering delivery services to their homes or offices.

Charging scooters

Electric scooters have been taking the market by storm. Sign up as a Lime Juicer and earn up to $30 per hour or up to $100 per night charging electric scooters. You can take it a notch higher by becoming a Bird fleet manager. This has the potential of earning you up to $1,500 a week.

This is a perfect side hustle for women who are clean energy champions. It not only allows you to earn money on the side but also take care of our environment.

Become a local tour guide

Know your area well? The hidden gems that other locals and travelers might be interested in seeing? Sign up on Rent a local friend and offer your tour guiding services at a fee. Meet new people, tour your local, share helpful tips and earn upward of $300 per tour.

Online tutor

Are you good at a certain subject? Why not start offering tutoring services to others who may need help in that subject area? You can work with students remotely through video chat or email. If you have a lot of knowledge in the subject and are passionate about teaching, this side hustle is for you.

Sites like VIPKid and Preply will help you get started and connect with potential clients. As an online tutor, you can expect to earn anywhere from $10 per hour up to $50+ per hour depending on the subject and the platform you are using.

Customer interviews

Are you a professional in your field? Companies are always looking for professionals to help them bring their products to life. Respondent is a platform that interviews business professionals across different fields such as marketers, software developers, and users, executives, business owners to get their insight on products. Their average incentive is from $100 up to $700 per hour.

Freelance writer

Are you a wordsmith? Are you good at writing catchy headlines, SEO-friendly blog posts, or even creating eBooks? You can start your freelance career by signing up on websites like Upwork and bidding on projects that match your skillset. As a freelance writer, you can expect to make an average of $20 per hour writing quality content that can help businesses grow.

Personal chef

Do you enjoy cooking? Why not start your own personal chef business? You can offer your services to busy professionals who may not have time to cook or just don’t know how to cook. As a personal chef, you’ll need to be creative with the meals you prepare and have a good understanding of nutrition. You can expect to earn an average of $25 per hour offering your services.

Sell your preloved clothes

If you are the type of person who loves changing their wardrobe now and then, you probably have clothes you no longer wear. Or they just don’t fit anymore. Why not start selling them online? Sites like Poshmark and Thredup make it easy for you to sell your preloved clothes. You can expect to earn an average of $15 or more per item sold. Designer pieces that are still in good condition will fetch more.

Become a freelance makeup artist

Beauty side hustles are good options for women. If you are good at applying your makeup, you can start by offering this side hustle to your family and friends. If you are good at it, you’ll have no problem finding clients who will hire you for their special occasions. Sites like Upwork, Fiverr, Thumbtack, PreenMe offer great opportunities for freelance makeup artists to get started. You can expect an average of $50 per hour for your services.

Sell your hair

Every woman has that one special hair they love. A side hustle many women are doing is selling their long locks for a profit. You can start by researching which salons in your area buy human hair and offer to sell it the cutest wigs you have ever seen! It may seem like a small side gig, but if done right, you can make a lot of money selling your hair. If there’s no local salon check out sites such as HairSellOn.

Online gamer

We all love playing games on our computers for fun. What if we told you, you can get paid to be an online gamer. And what’s more, your favorite solitaire (Solitaire Cash) games can make you money. There are a few gaming sites that allow gamers to play for cash prizes, and the best part is most of these sites have tournaments where you can win even more money. So the next time someone accuses you of being addicted to your computer games, just tell them it’s for business!

Start a side hustle without spending too much money

Now, you don’t need to invest in gadgets or equipment for most of these side jobs ideas. However, if you want to turn your side hustle into an actual business with overhead costs and recurring income streams, then consider investing in certain tools like web hosting, email marketing software, and other technology tools that can help you grow faster.

Proudly display your side hustle on social media

After all this work is done why not show it off to the world? Make sure you’re proud of what you’ve achieved so far with your side job by posting about it online. You might be surprised by how many people are interested in the same side hustles you’re doing, or by what side hustles others are doing. And don’t forget to use hashtags like #sidehustle and #girlboss when sharing your posts on social media!

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