Side Hustles for Nurses: 31 Jobs Registered Nurses Can Do

The nursing profession is one of the most rewarding careers in the world. Nurses are often at the forefront of breakthroughs in medicine and science, making their work critical to human progress. But for many nurses, there are days when they feel bored or underutilized. Many registered nurses have found that finding a side hustle brings more joy into their lives by giving them new challenges and providing an outlet for creativity.

Nurses are always in demand, and with the average RN salary being around $70K a year, there is no shortage of work. Nurses have been known to make up to 10 times their salary on the side from freelance nursing jobs alone. And that’s not even counting all the other opportunities for making money outside of nursing!

In this blog post, we will explore 31+ different side hustles you can do as a nurse. You may be surprised at how many options are out there.

What other jobs are good for nurses?

Nurses can work in any number of industries depending on their skills and interests. One way to find a side job that appeals to your specific talents is by brainstorming activities you like or are good at (such as cooking, playing an instrument, or graphic design), and thinking about how you can turn those skills into side income.

How to make extra money online as a nurse

Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists are responsible for listening to audio recordings of doctors’ dictations and typing up the information.

As a medical transcriber, you can earn anywhere between $25 and $45 per hour.

How to become a medical transcriptionist?

To find work as a medical transcriptionist, you’ll need to have some specialized training in the field. Many employers are looking for candidates with an associate’s degree or other professional qualification, so it is best if you pursue formal training that will qualify you for this type of work.

Online courses are available, as well as on-site training that you can complete at a local hospital or medical office.

Get more information about side jobs in the medical field here.

Freelance writing in the health niche

There is a massive demand for content in the health niche, which makes it an excellent side hustle opportunity for nurses.

This side job can be especially lucrative if you’re able to build your audience and establish yourself as a subject matter expert.

How much can freelance writing earn? Many factors determine how much money you’ll make as a health writer, including your experience and expertise, as well as the demand for content in your specific niche.

Freelance writing side jobs are typically paid by word count or per project rather than an hourly wage.

Freelance writers earn between $18-$100 per hour on average depending on their experience level.

Nurses can also make money as freelance writers, blogging about their experiences in the medical field to help educate readers and share unique insights into health issues.

A health coach or wellness consultant

Health coaches help patients to understand the connection between their health and lifestyle choices.

As a side hustle, nurses can work as consultants in this field, helping others to become healthier by making positive changes in their lives. This side job may also lead directly into a full-time career if you decide that it’s for you.

How much can health coaching side jobs make?

Health coaches typically charge $75-$150 per hour for their services.

The connection between your medical background and expertise in helping others could be a great foundation on which to build this side hustle business.

Get more information about side jobs as wellness consultants here.

Medical coding and billing

Medical coding jobs involve completing paperwork and documentation required by healthcare providers to receive payment from insurance companies.

In this side job, nurses can bring their expertise into the medical field while working outside of a clinical setting. This side hustle usually pays between $25-$45 per hour depending on your experience level.  

Course Creator

Nurses can create courses that other nurses and medical professionals can purchase.

An excellent side hustle for a nurse is to become a course creator. Sharing your expertise with others in the industry through video or written tutorials. This is one of the best passive income for nurses.

How much can you earn as a course creator?

There’s no fixed amount of money you can make from a course. It varies and depends on different factors.

  • Your course content.
  • How you market it.
  • How you price it.
  • The value that your customers receive from the course is what will determine how much money they are willing to pay.

If you create a high-value course you can expect to earn more money out of it.

Learn more on how to make money with online courses.

Best Side Hustles for Nurses

Part-time Caregiver

Nurses are experts in caring for people, whether it’s during a hospital stay or at home.

This side hustle is perfect if you have the flexibility to work part-time and enjoy being around others. As an added plus, this side job can often lead to full-time employment with healthcare providers seeking out your services regularly.

How much can you earn as a part-time caregiver?

There’s no fixed amount of money that caregivers make, but it varies according to different factors such as:

  • The number of hours you work.
  • Where you live and the cost of living in that area.
  • Your experience levels.

The side hustle is best for nurses who want to spend time with others while earning a side income, making this side job perfect if you have a flexible schedule or are looking for part-time work.

Learn more about being a side hustle caregiver.

Nursing side jobs are a great way to earn extra income while still working in the medical field, but they require nurses to have certain skills and experience before they can pursue them successfully.

Immunization Nurse

Registered nurses with proper training can earn a side income by doing immunizations for patients, working either at clinics or in private practice.

This side hustle is best if you want to work more than one shift but don’t have enough hours available within your regular nursing job. It’s also great since it allows you to use your medical expertise to help others.

Make money administering flu shots.

Telehealth Nurse

Telehealth nurses provide patients with remote medical services and education, making it a side hustle that can be done from home.

The side income you earn as a telehealth nurse is based on how many people you see in an average day or week.

Nurses who are interested in this side job usually has to have the following skills:

  • Be able to use health technology solutions.  
  • Have excellent communication skills with patients and other medical professionals.
  • Be comfortable working in a dynamic environment where you are giving care over the phone or the internet.

Learn more about breaking into telehealth nursing here.

This side job is perfect for nurses who want to help others but are unable to do so through traditional means.

Phlebotomist side jobs

Phlebotomists are lab technicians who collect blood samples from patients for testing.

This side hustle is best if you want to earn side income but don’t have a lot of spare time during the day, as most phlebotomist work part-time hours at clinics and hospitals. Phlebotomy also requires a moderate amount of training and licensing to complete.

Learn more about side hustling as a phlebotomist here.

Maternal Care Provider

You may generate a nursing side business out of taking care of moms. This includes looking after expectant mothers from the time they’re pregnant up until after birth. You’ll usually offer prenatal education to women who need it but cannot afford it.

This side hustle is best if you want to earn a side income while still working in the medical field.

You can earn $25-$45 an hour providing prenatal care for pregnant women, making this side job perfect for nurses who don’t have enough hours available within their full-time nursing jobs or are looking for part-time work.

Birth Doula

A birth doula is a trained professional who assists women in childbirth by providing physical, emotional, and educational support.

This side hustle can be done from home or you may choose to work at hospitals that allow it.

Birth Doulas frequently function as a sort of nurse health coach for new moms. You have to ensure that the mother you are caring for has all of the information she needs to be in control of her situation.

You’ll usually earn between $15-$50 an hour depending on your experience level. You can around $45,000 a year if you go full-time.

Nurse Tutoring

Help other nursing students by side hustling as a nursing tutor. This is among the best side hustle jobs for nurses.

Nurse tutoring usually requires that you hold a nursing degree and be certified in your state. This is a side job you can do from virtually anywhere. It allows you to set your hours making it a flexible way to earn a side income as a nurse.

You can earn $20-$30 an hour for tutoring, making this side hustle perfect if you want to work during the evenings or on weekend days while still earning some income through working as a nurse full-time.

First Aid Course Instructor

You may look into becoming a first-aid instructor if you want to continue working in the nursing profession with your side hustle. Many people are required to complete a first-aid course at some point in their lives, particularly if they are moving into a new profession. You have the necessary skills to teach this course effectively as a nurse.

Typically, individuals who take side jobs like this are EMTs and paramedics; however, nurses can do it too!

Nurse Blogger

Love writing and looking for a side job to let out your creative juices? Consider blogging. The medical niche often requires one to be an expert and have credentials to back it up. As a nurse, you already have it all.

This side hustle job is best if you enjoy writing and have a great deal of knowledge about the medical field.

There are many ways to generate side income as a nurse through blogging however it isn’t always easy or quick money. This side hustling can take years before seeing any results, but with dedication and consistency eventually, your blog will begin to generate side income.

It is best to be patient with the process and take advantage of all paid opportunities that will come your way.

Learn how to start your blog on Bluehost

Teach Abroad

Do you love traveling? Why not look into teaching abroad as a side job? There are many countries in need of English teachers and nurses are always in demand.

This side hustling job is best if you want to travel abroad while making money. You can typically earn around $40,000 a year teaching overseas with this side gig. However, it will require some training and certification which may take up time within your schedule.

Learn more about side hustling as a nurse teacher abroad here.

Nurse Translator

Know any other languages? You can side hustle by translating documents into your native language or from English to another language for companies and individuals alike. This side job is best if you are bilingual in Spanish, French, German, Mandarin Chinese, etc., but it isn’t required that you know another language to side hustle as a nurse.

This side job is perfect if you want to make an extra income and enjoy working from home while still getting some work done in the medical field. You can expect to earn around $15-$20 per hour for your translation services. However, this often varies depending on which languages you speak.

Learn more about side hustling as a translator here.

Sell Your Scrubs

As a nurse, with time you’ll accumulate scrubs that can fill up your closet. You can choose to declutter by selling off your scrubs.

Selling scrubs side hustle is best if you want to make some extra money while keeping your nursing wardrobe fresh. You can expect the average price of a scrub top or pants to be around $15-$20. This varies depending on which designer brand it comes from.

Learn more about selling your preloved clothes online

Virtual Assistant

If you are good at organizing stuff and helping out other people, consider taking on side jobs as a virtual assistant. This side job is best if you want to work from home and don’t mind the occasional last-minute request.

This side hustle can be a great way for nurses looking for side jobs to spend time with their children as it allows them to stay at home while getting some extra money in. You should know how to use Microsoft Office, have a computer, and have an internet connection to side hustle as a virtual assistant.

You can expect to earn around $15-$20 per hour depending on the tasks you are doing for your clients. This varies with each job.

Learn more about virtual assistant skills and tools you need to succeed.

Nurse Consultant

Consider consulting. You can offer your skills to hospitals and clinics by sharing your expertise with them on the side.

Who is a nurse consultant?

A nurse consultant is a registered nurse (RN) who offers consultation services to assist in the improvement of nursing and other health care standards and programs. As a nurse consultant, you can offer different services such as clinical consultation, operations consultation, or as a legal nurse consultant

You can expect side-hustling as a nurse consultant to be around $120-$200 per hour depending on the demand for your services. However, this varies from one side job to another.

This side job requires additional training to pursue it.

Social Media Manager

Are you a social media guru? You can side hustle as a social media manager to help companies increase their presence on the web.

As a social media manager, your primary objective is to grow the online community by creating strategies that will engage and attract a target audience. You can side hustle as a social media manager if you have experience using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.,

You should also be well versed with marketing tools that will help your client’s business grow such as Cyfe or Hootsuite.

Rent Out Your Space

Got some extra space you aren’t using? Consider signing up on Airbnb.

If you have spare rooms at home, in your apartment, or in an office building you can earn extra cash by renting out the space to individuals looking for temporary housing while on assignment.

You should be prepared to rent out this space when needed and also ensure that it is safe and clean before renting it out.

Earn Money with Your Camera

Why not make money side hustling as a photographer?

If you have a good camera, side jobs as a photographer can be your thing. You can offer to take photos of products or people and you should also know how to work with Adobe Photoshop to edit the images before selling them online.

You will need different types of gear for this side job including tripods, flashes, and lenses.

However, side hustling as a photographer can be hard to get started on unless you have previous experience in the field of photography or marketing.

Check out our guide on how to find freelance photography jobs online.

Baby Sitter

Another side job idea for nurses is to offer childcare services. If you can work as a babysitter, consider doing this side job on the side while working your regular nursing shift at a hospital or clinic, etc.

You should be prepared to watch over children and make sure they are safe during their stay with you by keeping tabs on medication intake and playtime etc.

Babysitters earn around $15-$20 per hour depending on the number of clients you have and your geographical location.

This side job is very flexible with most sitters offering their services through different platforms including TaskRabbit, Care, or Sittercity for example.

Write an eBook on Your Nursing Experience

Are you an expert on side hustles for nurses? Consider writing an eBook.

You can easily write on this topic and share it with the world by publishing a book online through Kindle or Ingram Sparks, Apple book, etc. You will earn royalties each time your e-book is sold to another user while also building up a reputation as an expert in your niche.

This side job will help you generate passive income each month and even make a living if done right.

Build Your Own Blog

If writing is more up your alley, consider building your own blog to share valuable content with other fellow RNs who are interested or looking into side hustling as a side job.

This side hustle idea requires you to have enough knowledge about blogging and content writing to keep your readers interested so consider taking online courses on how to blog before starting out.

You should also know SEO practices since this will help drive traffic towards your site. You can use Google Analytics for measuring the number of visitors and also use WordPress to build your website.

For hosting, Bluehost has affordable packages you can check out.

Travel Nurse

Consider signing up as a travel nurse which means you will be traveling to different hospitals and clinics across the country to provide medical care.

This side job is very flexible since it doesn’t require you to work at one place only but instead gives you chances of exploring various locations around the U.S. while also getting a side hustle income on the side.

Your travel nurse side job can be done through registered agencies such as HCR, AMN, or RNnetwork to name just a few of them out there today. You should consider signing up to get paid well once you start working at your assignment location.

Become an Uber Driver

If driving is not so challenging and the idea of working with people excites you then consider becoming an uber driver to earn side income on the side.

This side hustle idea requires you to have a clean driving record. Owning an SUV or van will help you to get enough clients each day during your shift.

You can easily work part-time as an uber driver while doing side jobs at night, weekends, etc.

Camp Nurse

Another side job idea for nurses is to work as a camp nurse. You can find these types of jobs through websites like Indeed or Monster which list available positions at campsites across the country.

If you get selected, you will be paid well and this side income source has chances of becoming your main income if done right since most camp nursing positions are long-term side jobs.

This side hustle is very flexible since you can choose to work full time, weekends, or even during school breaks depending on your preferences which makes it an ideal side job for nurses with families and children.

If you are looking into camp nursing as a side job then make sure the company provides adequate insurance coverage including liability and medical protection.

CPR Instructor

If you are passionate about teaching other people, consider becoming a CPR instructor. This side hustle is perfect for nurses who love to teach others. Your prior experience in the medical field will help them share their skills with new students.

This side income idea requires you to complete a course on how to become a CPR instructor. You can find courses from Red Cross and AHA TC (American Heart Association Training Center).

This is a great side job opportunity to become an independent nurse instructor and get side income by teaching people how to save lives when in emergencies.

Delivery Driver

Another side hustle idea for nurses is to become a delivery driver. You can find opportunities at UberEats or GrubHub who are looking to hire drivers to deliver food from various restaurants around the city.

In most cases, you will be required to have a car and other equipment such as a smartphone with GPS, a car charger, etc.

This is a flexible side job and can be done during weekends or after work hours to make some extra income on the side.

Grocery Shopper

Love grocery shopping? Why not get paid to do it? Several side jobs out there will pay you for going grocery shopping and getting all the items on a list including dairy products, fresh produce, etc.

Run errands for people and get paid for it.


If you can’t stand grammar mistakes, why not get paid to proofread other people’s work? There are people out there that will pay you for checking their resumes, cover letters, or any other documents.

Most companies don’t mind hiring part-time proofreaders and paying them per hour or even by the word if need be.

Check out our guide on finding freelance proofreading jobs.

Graphic Designer

Tap into your creative side and work as a graphic designer. You can find graphic design jobs from sites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and other similar websites.

You will need a good portfolio of work samples to get hired but once you do, there is no shortage of clients looking to hire freelancers with your skills.

Learn more about finding graphic design jobs


As a nurse, you probably have an idea about nutrition. What servings one needs to take to have a healthy body. Why not put that knowledge into good use by being a side chef?

You can help people prepare their meals and provide them with recipes in addition to taking care of the food shopping, preparation, etc. so they don’t need to worry about it while working. You can find side jobs from sites such as TaskRabbi.

Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

If you love pets and enjoy spending time with them, consider side jobs as a dog walker or pet sitter. It is the perfect side hustle for nurses who want to spend their days off from work taking care of animals at people’s homes while they are away.

You can find opportunities on sites such as Rover where you can easily sign up and get started.

Cleaning Lady/Man

Have a side hustle that doesn’t require too much of your time? You can try side jobs as cleaning lady or man for people who need to have their houses cleaned on the side such as empty nesters, busy professionals, etc.

If you love keeping things clean, you can start this side hustle by simply reaching out to people in your neighborhood.

Customer Service Agent

If you are a good communicator and have excellent customer service skills then side jobs as a customer service agent might be the perfect fit for you. You will be helping customers solve their problems over the phone or online via chat sessions.

Most side jobs in this field will require you to have a computer and an internet connection. You can find opportunities from sites such as Upwork.

Teaching Assistant

As many side hustles for nurses involve teaching, why not get into teaching proper? Become part of the education industry by working as a teaching assistant at your local school or college.

You’ll need to take tests and acquire a teaching assistant license in your state before you can take on any jobs.

You can find side jobs in this field from sites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Tes, where you will need to create an account and fill out all the necessary information about yourself including education, experience, etc.

Deliver for Doordash, Postmates

If you own a car and don’t mind driving around, side hustles as a delivery person might be for you. You can work part-time from home delivering items such as food, groceries, etc. to people’s homes through sites like Doordash and Postmates.

It doesn’t require too much time commitment and you can choose to work on weekends or weekdays.

Sign up with your local courier companies that have side jobs available for nurses in your area.

Find your next side job!

Side hustles for nurses can take many forms. You’ll need to decide what side job best suits your needs and interests. For example, if you’re a nurse who loves animals, pet sitting may be the side gig for you! If you want something more traditional like driving around delivering food or groceries through an app-based delivery service, that is also possible with side gigs in this field too. And of course, there are plenty of other options available such as teaching assistant jobs at different schools, etc… The possibilities are endless when it comes to side hustles for nurses so make sure to check out our guide on how to find one right now.

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