Best Side Jobs for Teachers – 12 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Teacher

We all know that teachers have amazing skills. But you’ll often come across questions such as what are good side hustle jobs for teachers?

Are you a teacher who has been wondering how to turn their skills into profitable side gigs for teachers? The good news is, there are tons of side hustles for teachers that you can try out.

As a teacher, you are a natural-born leader. And to top it up, you have so many invaluable skills that you incorporate in your day-to-day activities, such as giving constructive criticism, well organized, and creative.

What Are Good Side Jobs for Teachers?

Whether you are looking for summer jobs or part-time jobs for teachers after school, we’ve got something for you.

Let’s dive into a list of side jobs that are a great fit for teachers and companies that are hiring.

#1 Become A Curriculum Developer

As a teacher, you already know what works and what doesn’t work in a classroom setup. Why not put this knowledge into developing a curriculum for others?

As a curriculum developer, you’ll have an opportunity to design a learning pathway that you know will help both the teachers and students from point A to Z.

Job boards such as Indeed, SimplyHired are a good place to look for remote curriculum developer jobs.

#2 Sell Your Lesson Plans

Teachers put a lot of effort into creating lesson plans and other teaching resources.

As a teacher, these are some of your most treasured files. Files that never let you down, every time you go back to review before engaging your students.

So, why not go ahead and share these helpful resources with other teachers and earn from it.

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online library of teaching resources created by teachers. The available resources on the platform range all the way from PreK to Twelfth grade. Some of the available resources on the platform are free, while others are paid for.

If you’ve been looking for a passive income idea, sharing your lesson plans is among the best second jobs for teachers online.

TeacherSherpa is another great place to sell your lesson plans. You earn $1 per download. TES is also worth checking out.

Side Jobs for Teachers During the School Year

#3 Online Tutoring

If you are not interested in sharing your lesson plans to make extra money as a teacher, you can look into tutoring as a side job.

It doesn’t matter what your subject is, there are plenty of opportunities online. As a online tutor, you can choose to teach scheduled classes – this can fit perfectly into your day job. Or, work as online support by giving instant help to students who are in need.  

Skooli, is an online platform that connects students and tutors who are specialized in areas such as math, languages, science and humanities. Other online tutoring options include Brainfuse and Wyzant

#4 Become An Online English Teacher

If English is your cup of tea, you can find a side job as an English teacher online. English is the worlds number one business language. And a lot of people strive to at least learn it if not for their personal needs, to be able to communicate in work set ups.

This has created a high demand for remote teaching jobs.

Companies such as VIPKID can connect you to students who are looking for English lessons.

What makes teaching English online interesting is that, these companies allow you to have a flexible schedule, and provide teaching materials. The lessons are often short and there is no marking of homework either.

#5 Become An Online Researcher

If you are the type of teacher who enjoys helping students find answers to their tricky questions, working as an online researcher would be a good side job for you.

Online platforms like Wonder, offers you an opportunity to learn and earn as a research analyst.

To join, all you have to do is complete their online application and show your research skills via an online quiz. You get to work on your own schedule – it’s a win!

#6 Get Paid To Grade Papers

As a teacher, you are trained to grade papers. While this is part of your job, why not get paid extra to grade papers as a side job?

Sites such as Measurement Inc hire evaluators both on-site and remotely to score students in math, English, science, and other test items.

Pearson is another great site that hires scorers that you should check out.

#7 Website Tester

As a teacher, you’ll often find yourself giving constructive criticism. If this is something you enjoy doing, you can turn it into a side job as a website tester.

Companies are always looking for people to test various sites and share their honest user experiences. You get paid for your opinion and recommendations on any improvements that need to be made.

Try My UI and UserFeel pay $10 for tests that take 15 – 20 minutes of your time. Other similar sites worth checking out include TestinTime, UserTesting and Respondent.   

#8 Create A Course

Do you have creative ideas outside your classroom work? If you have skills such as drawing, graphic design, painting, and music, why not turn them into a course and sell it.

YouTube offers a good platform to share your ideas with a larger audience. While this may not give you instant cash, it’s a great way to build passive income

Sites such as Udemy and Skillshare offer you a platform where you can monetize on your skills.

What Other Jobs Can You Do as A Teacher?

If you are looking for a second job that doesn’t involve a classroom setup, check out these options below

#9 Transcription

If you are looking for an option that doesn’t remind you of classroom, transcription is a good alternative. As a teacher, you are already good at paying attention to details, which is a valued skill as a transcriber.

Sites such as Rev and TranscribeMe are always looking for transcribers to join their team. If you’ve got good typing skills, transcription is a good side job for teachers.

You don’t need any prior experience to work as a transcriber. A computer, headphones, and a good internet connection are some of the tools you’ll require.

#10 Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants or admin assistants help individuals or businesses to stay organized. They handle the admin part of the business such as email handling, scheduling tasks, writing, editing and proofreading reports, and even holiday bookings.   

If you love organizing things and helping people stay organized, this is a perfect side job for you. You can find freelance part-time virtual assistant positions on sites such as Upwork.

#11 Freelancer Writer

Teachers get to listen to different stories every day from their students. If you are a creative type, you could use some of the stories as an inspiration to write your own.

You can choose to create your blog and share the stories or look for sites that hire education writers. Another idea would be to pitch your ideas to the different sites that you visit.

How Can Teachers Earn Extra?

#12 Write an eBook

Have you put together an amazing curriculum that your colleagues are always requesting to use? Maybe it’s time to monetize it. Share your knowledge in an eBook format. This way you can reach a wider audience. If you’re eyeing amazon as your go-to selling marketplace, Kindle Direct Publishing is a good way to get started.  


There are so many ways for teachers to make extra money during the school year. However, I’ve mentioned a few here that I thought to align more with teaching as a career.

Other side hustles for teachers that you may want to try out include, renting a room in your house, flipping furniture or your unused items, or working as a nanny or pet sitter in your free time.

Know more ways to earn extra money as a teacher? Share in the comments below.

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