The 11 Computer Skills That You Can Make Money With

If you’re looking to make some extra money, computer skills are a great place to start. Many computer skills can be monetized and the list is only growing as technology advances. In this blog post, we’ll go over 11 computer skills that you can use for your benefit or even turn into a business opportunity!

What Computer Skills Are Most In-Demand?

There are hundreds of computer skills that make money. We’ll focus on 11 computer skills that are in demand, easier to learn, and monetize.

You can work as a freelancer, or be hired as an in-house employee with these skills.

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1. Designing Websites

This skill would require knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but it’s an excellent way to make some quick cash online with little investment on your part.

You could also take this skill one step further and create a website design company to generate more revenue from other people who might not have these computer skills themselves.

2. Website Development

Another computer skill that you could use to make money is website development.

This computer skill involves all of the computer skills mentioned above, with a focus on HTML and CSS – as well as experience in WordPress or other content management systems.

With WordPress being the most commonly used platform, being a WordPress pro can be a great computer skill to have.

3. Graphic Design

Graphic designers are increasingly in demand, so computer skills in graphic design are essential to any career these days.

Graphic designers use software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dream Weaver Max to create professional graphics that help convey a message or tell the story of their client’s product or service.

As a graphic designer, you can choose to work as a freelancer for various clients or create your designs and sell them on your own as print on demand.

If you are good at say background removal from photos, you can find eCommerce clients who want their product images edited to look better before being uploaded.

4. Computer Programming

Computer programming is a computer skill and profession that deals with the design, development, documentation, testing, and bug fixing of computer programs.

Computer programmers are responsible for writing code in an interpreted or compiled language such as C++ or Java to produce software like websites and games.

The average salary for computer programmers can range from $57K- $85K.

While you can work for a specific company in a 9 to 5 set up, as a computer programmer, you can also take on freelance work and work from home.

Another great way to earn money as a computer programmer is by participating in bug bounty programs.

5. Software Engineer

Software engineers write computer programs that can be used by other computer programmers. This is an extremely lucrative field, and the paychecks are usually quite hefty because of it.

They also have to keep up with trends in technology so they know what skills people will need next year or five years from now if a new computer system comes out next week.

Software engineers do not need to have computer science degrees, but they usually are computer scientists who specialize in software engineering.

The average salary for a computer engineer is $100,000 and the pay can be even higher depending on how many years of experience you have. You will also get more money if your skillset includes programming languages like Java or Python.

6. Illustrator

Illustrators are artists who design computer-generated illustrations. They often work with computer programs, such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw, to create graphics that are used for advertising campaigns and in magazines.

Illustrators generate enough money to be considered a profession: the median annual salary is $63,333 per year (or about $30 per hour). Illustration is a computer skill that can make you lots of money both as a freelancer and an in-house employee.

7. Blogging

There are so many different computer skills that you can learn, and a lot of them will make you money. Blogging is one computer skill that earns individuals with the right qualifications substantial amounts of cash every year.

Whether they blog about their life experiences or something else entirely, blogging offers people an opportunity to express themselves while earning some side income along the way.

As a blogger, there are different ways to earn money. You can join affiliate programs where companies pay you a commission to promote their products.

Choose to sell your products such as printables, eBooks, and courses. Another great way to earn as a blogger is by joining an Ad network.

8. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting a website’s ranking in search engines for desired keyword searches.

This technique can be used to optimize your computer skills so that you can make money by receiving an increased number of potential clients or customers when they search for computer-related services on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

With the growing technology, and companies looking for ways to generate more income, SEO skills are in demand.

As a SEO specialist, part of your work will include doing keyword research and optimizing new and old content to target certain keywords in SERPs. You’ll also need to make sure the content being published serves the right search intent.

9. Copywriting

Copywriting is a computer skill that can make money. In copywriting, you write content for ads or marketing purposes. You may also create digital products like eBooks and online courses to sell to others on the web.

If you’re good at creating content and writing with SEO in mind, this computer skill will be very rewarding for you. You can niche down and focus on email copy making it easier for businesses that are looking for email copywriters to find you.

10. Videography

Videography is the art and technical work of recording moving images, whether they are computer-generated or human. If you have a degree in filmmaking, video editing, or cinematography then this may be an option for you to make money with your computer skills.

If you are into the video niche, here are other options you may consider to make money with your computer skills.

Film Editing – Taking raw footage (or just clips) from different angles and combining them into a video sequence that tells a story.

Video Editing – Adding computer-generated effects to the raw footage.

Videography – Shooting video and editing it into an engaging piece of content, like a tutorial or product demonstration.

Documentary Filmmaking – Making videos for other purposes, such as educational programs in schools or documentaries about social issues.

11. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the art of promoting a product or business using social media as the main platform. Companies hire social media marketers to design their posts and manage their online presence.

The job of a social media marketer is to maintain the company’s reputation on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

The main goal of this occupation is not only about getting more followers for your company but also ensuring the company image is good and getting them a lot of exposure.

Social media marketers should have excellent computer skills for managing different social media accounts, knowing how to use the specific platform’s features as well as graphic design skills. They also need strong communication and marketing skills to create posts that will engage their followers and spark engagement between people who follow a particular brand and potential customers.


As computer skills go, there’s a lot that you can do to generate income with computer software and hardware. There are computer skills for beginners who just want an entry-level job or those who have many years of experience under their belt. These are just a few of the many computer skills that make money.

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