Freelance Writing Resources: Tips, Tools & More

If you’re interested in becoming a freelance writer, or if you’ve been freelancing for a while and want to improve your game, then this blog post is for you. I am going to highlight some of the most useful tools available for freelance writers on the market today. These resources will help make your life easier and help maximize your productivity so that you can spend more time doing what matters – writing content.

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Resources to help you become a better writer

Hemmingway App

This is one of my favorite apps to use when I’m writing. The Hemmingway App highlights hard-to-read sentences, adverbs you should remove, complex words that can be simplified, and more. It’s a great tool for honing your craft as a writer because it helps improve the quality of your work while also helping you write in a clear, concise manner.

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips

Grammar Girl’s blog posts are not only fun to read but also provide a wealth of information for writers. The podcast and blog posts have helped thousands of people improve their writing skills, and with her website, you can access tons of free resources that cover everything from grammar advice to punctuation tips. She even offers a weekly podcast that is available for free on iTunes.


An online grammar-checking tool that will not only help you identify typos but also provide feedback about your writing style. It can even be integrated with Microsoft Word, ensuring the suggestions are inline while you write. Grammarly has a comprehensive list of features and they’ve even helped me identify several mistakes in my writing.


A tool that helps writers and bloggers generate word counts for their articles or blog posts. This can help you determine the length of your piece and how much content there is. I use this all the time when creating an outline for new pieces because it allows me to see how much content I’ve written.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Writing a great headline can be one of the most difficult aspects of blogging or article writing, but the CoSchedule headline analyzer takes all the guesswork out of it. Just type in your proposed title and this tool will analyze it for you to determine how compelling it is and whether or not it would be a good fit for your blog.

Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

Stuck on what to write about? The Hubspot blog idea generator can help. Just type in a few keywords related to your niche and this tool will generate ideas for you. It’s a great way to find inspiration when you’re feeling stuck, or if you want some fresh content but don’t have time to do the research yourself. It can generate up to 250 blog post ideas.

Google Trends

This tool helps you discover the trending content in specific topics that are popular on Google. You can use this data to research other similar ideas and see if there’s an opportunity to create content about them.

Buzzsumo Content Analyzer

If you’re looking to write content similar to other popular pieces, then BuzzSumo’s content analyzer is an awesome tool. You can enter in any URL and this tool will analyze it, analyzing the content that performs best, who wrote it, how old the piece is, and more.

Organization tools


This tool is a lifesaver for any writer, blogger, or content creator who has a team of people working on projects with them. Trello makes it easy to create boards and cards so you can organize your ideas in an easy-to-visualize manner. You can also use this free app as a kanban board that helps you prioritize projects and tasks.

Google Docs

One of the best features about Google Docs is that it allows multiple users to collaborate on a single document at one time, which makes this an awesome tool for writers who have teammates or assistants they work with regularly. It’s also easy to use and provides all kinds of formatting options so you can create the perfect piece.


Need to share files with your editor or other members of your team? Dropbox is a great place for you to store and access those files. This tool allows you to upload any type of file, so it’s easy to use in conjunction with Google Docs if you need multiple people working on a single document.

Social Media tools


This tool makes it easy to share multiple pieces of content on social media at once, which can help you save a lot of time if you’re managing several different accounts. I use this all the time for my personal Facebook page because it helps me save so much time.

Sprout Social

This tool provides all the various social media tools you need in one place, so it helps manage multiple accounts at once. It allows you to schedule posts ahead of time and monitors your brand across different platforms, which saves a ton of time if you’re trying to manage several different pages or profiles.

Accounting Tools

Work without pay? Well, you can avoid that by using some of these awesome tools and resources. As a writer, you probably don’t have accounting knowledge. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send invoices and get paid for your work.

Quickbooks Self Employed

This tool is helpful if you’re a freelancer or independent contractor who needs to track your income and expenses. It’s super easy to set up, too. You can get started with this free app in minutes by simply entering the info of your bank accounts. From there it does all the heavy work for you so you don’t have to worry about tracking your expenses and calculating taxes.


Another option for those who need some help accounting is FreshBooks. This free tool makes managing your invoices, timesheets, and more easy as pie (or cake.). It’s a breeze to use and has all the features you need in one place so it doesn’t take up a ton of your time.


If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution where you can manage invoices and payroll, and even get paid faster than ever before, Gusto is the tool for you. This app makes it easy to quickly calculate taxes so they don’t eat into your profits too much. Plus this tool allows you to create customized invoices, which is awesome for those who are looking to be professional and organized with their freelancing or blogging business.

Online Courses


This is a great resource for learning new skills and improving your knowledge of different subjects. I’ve used the platform several times to learn new concepts in business, blogging, or even project management. You can also find some writing courses, which are helpful if you’re looking for ways to improve your craft. There are tons of options here, so you’re bound to find something that fits your needs.


This is another great resource for learning new concepts and skills. You can also take classes on writing here if it’s one of the subjects you’d like to improve upon. Plus this app has other options such as business courses, cooking lessons, or even art history courses.


If you’re looking for specific courses that can help boost your knowledge and improve your business, Udacity is the place to go. This website provides interactive courses on all sorts of topics such as computer programming or marketing. You don’t even have to leave home if you’d rather learn from the comfort of your living room. You can simply download the app for your phone or tablet and learn on the go.


This is another great resource if you’re looking to improve upon specific skills that will help boost your business knowledge. There are tons of courses here, so it’s easy to find something that fits with whatever topic you want to gain more knowledge about. This site has a wide range of subject matter, so you can find courses on writing as well as business and marketing subjects.

YouTube Tutorials

If you’re looking to boost your skills through tutorials, YouTube is the place for you. There are all sorts of videos that cover different topics such as how to write a blog post, how to write a book, and even what it takes to become a successful freelancer. Plus these resources are free, which means you don’t have to break the bank for your business or craft skills to improve.


Do you ever wonder how Google ranks your website in search results? Or maybe you’re interested in learning SEO for blogs and websites to help boost traffic. Whatever the case may be, Coursera is a great place that can provide all sorts of information on digital marketing topics. You’ll even find courses here on writing as well. So if you need a refresher or want to learn something new, Coursera is the place for you.

Places To Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Now that you’ve learned how to improve your skills, it’s time for the fun part: finding freelance writing jobs. This is where things get exciting because there are so many options out there. So if you’re ready to make money by working from home or want a change of pace in your career. This list will help provide tons of resources for finding freelance writing jobs.


If you’re looking for a job with companies or individuals who are already established, I highly recommend checking out Upwork. This app makes it easy to search through thousands of different jobs that can be customized, so you’ll find something that fits your needs. Plus the app is free to download, so you’ll have no trouble finding freelance writing jobs with this amazing resource.


This site makes it easy for anyone who’s looking for a job but doesn’t necessarily want to be committed full-time. On this platform, freelancers can search through thousands of different projects that are available and bid on them. So if you have a specific area of expertise, this is the place to go. You’ll even find writing jobs here that will help boost your resume and portfolio too.


This website has all kinds of jobs that are available for freelancers, so you’ll find options on this site no matter what your expertise is. Plus these resources make it easy to search through new opportunities and even sign up for email updates too.

Most of the jobs posted on the website are geared towards copywriting and journalism.


This is another platform that can help connect freelancers with opportunities to work for companies that are looking for writers. So if you’re passionate about blogging, this site will provide tons of resources on how to get hired by other businesses. This resource provides job listings and even blog topics so it’s easy to know what your clients want or need too.

The Bottom Line

Freelance writing can be an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to work from home or is looking for a change of pace. With some good freelance skills, you’ll have no trouble finding jobs that are listed on various websites and apps so it’s easy to find something that matches your expertise. Whether you’re interested in copywriting, journalism, or even blogging, these resources offer all kinds of knowledge so there’s something for everyone. If you need help boosting your skills through tutorials or videos, check out this list first. You don’t want to go broke buying courses when the internet has everything available at your fingertips.

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