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Top 11 Places to Find Freelance Illustrator Jobs

Freelance illustrators are in high demand. There are many freelance illustrator jobs available, but where do you find them?

Finding freelance illustrator jobs can be tough. There are so many options to choose from! You could go for the freelance illustration job board, freelance job boards, freelance websites, freelance communities or social media.

When it comes to finding freelance illustrator jobs you have a lot of choices and there is no one right answer. If big names like Upwork or Freelancer don’t turn up any jobs then try looking at these 15 places to find freelance illustrator jobs.

Find freelance illustrator gigs on job boards:

freelance illustrator jobs


Formerly oDesk and Elance, Upwork is a freelance jobs board where you can find freelance illustration jobs, design freelance jobs or any other kind of freelance work. It’s also one of the largest freelance sites with over 12 million registered freelancers and eight million clients in more than 120 countries worldwide! Upwork is a freelance jobs board where you can set up your freelance portfolio and go for freelance illustration or design freelance jobs.


A freelance job board that is dedicated to creative freelance work. It’s a freelance platform where you can apply for freelance illustration jobs, design freelance jobs or other types of freelance opportunities related to the arts and creative industries.

Creative Market

Open a shop on Creative Market and start selling your art pieces. Creative Market is a freelance marketplace where you can sell digital goods and services to freelance designers, indie artists, creative professionals or entrepreneurs. Creative market has thousands of buyers from across 190 countries.

Design Crowd

Design Crowd is a freelance jobs board that caters to freelance designers who are ready to start working on freelance design projects. They have thousands of freelance illustration opportunities posted by their clients every month.

99 Designs

99 Designs is a freelance site where you can find freelance illustration jobs and freelance design jobs. Here’s how 99 designs works: companies post their freelance projects, designers submit their freelance portfolio to the company and if they win the project they get paid for it!

Social Media

With everything moving to the digital space, finding freelance illustrator jobs is no exception. Instead of using social media for fun only, you can use it to find jobs. Most companies have an online presence and will constantly update when they have open positions. LinkedIn, Twitter and Reddit are great options when it comes to searching for jobs on social media.

On Twitter – use hashtags such as #illustratorjobs, #designjobs and #illustrationjobs to find relevant positions.

For Reddit – try joining relevant communities such as r/Illustration, r/DigitalArt, r/Drawing, r/DesignJobs. You can put up a post letting members know you’re up for hire. A few details about the services you’re offering might land you a few awesome gigs.

Instagram – create an Instagram account and share your pieces of art. Let your fans know you’re open for work. By sharing your art work, it allows those interested in similar pieces to reach out.

Sell your illustrations on stock photo platforms

Not everyone is gifted with an amazing camera or artistic abilities. If you’re one of those people, try uploading your freelance illustrations to sites like Stocksy or Shutterstock where they can buy images and use them commercially.

Sell your art on Etsy

Selling freelance illustrations on Etsy is a great way to start selling your art. It’s easy for you to set up shop and start profiting from all of your hard work!

Create an online course

If you’re more of a teacher than freelance illustrator, selling your knowledge online is another way to land freelance illustration gigs. If you create an interesting and educational course about something related to freelance illustration or design – people will be interested in it. This is a great way to create passive income as a freelance illustrator.

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