Get Paid to Read Books: 9 Places Hiring

Do you love reading books? Did you know you can actually get paid to read books?

Turn your passion into a profitable side hustle.

I know the idea may sound too good to be true, but it’s a fact, you can make money online by reading books. A perfect side hustle for book lovers. Every year, there are tons of books being published, and that means, the demand for book reviewers will always be there.

It doesn’t matter what genre you love. Whether you spend your time reading fiction, non fiction, indie or classic books, you’ll definitely find an outlet that’s willing to pay you to read and review books for them.

Let’s take a look at some of the sites that will pay you to read.

How to Make Money Online Reading Books

#1. Kirkus Media

Kirkus Media is one of the most valued sources of book reviews. If you love checking out books on Amazon, you’ve probably come across a blurb from Kirkus Media.

If you’ve always wondered where those awesome reviews come from, that’s where as a book reviewer you come into the picture. Kirkus Media has reviews across different genres, from children books, romance, fiction and non-fiction, biography and memoirs, thrillers, teens and young adults among others.

 Kirkus Media reviews are 350 words long, once a book has been assigned to you, you need to review and submit it within two weeks. At the moment, they are hiring English and Spanish language indie book reviewers.

To apply, you have to submit your writing samples, resume and a list of reviewing specialties.

Pay: Freelance/Project basis

 #2. Reedsy Discovery

Reedsy Discovery focuses more on indie books. As a book reviewer on Reedsy, you get a chance to be among the first people to read some of the latest self-published books. The site allows you to browse through different stories and pick on one that interest you.

Once you’ve built your brand as a go to book reviewer, authors can contact you directly for a review. Their payment system is more of an appreciation type of system. Readers can send a book reviewer a token of $1, $3, or $5 as an appreciation.

Pay: Tip basis

#3. Online book club

Online Book Club has been around for the past ten years. They begin their FAQ by warning any interested book reviewer that this is not a get rich quick scheme. Becoming a book reviewer on the site will not make you leave your day job.

Joining the company as a reviewer, is free.

The company pays between $50 to $60 per book review. For your first review, instead of payment, you’ll receive a free book. Once you’ve submitted your first review, you’ll then be eligible for paid review opportunities.

Pay: $5-$60

 #4. U.S. Review of Books

U.S. Review of Books works with book reviewers nationwide. The reviews are for books across different genres.

The company’s reviews are between 250-300 words and this should be submitted within 2 to 3 weeks after being assigned a review. U.S. Review of Books looks for professional, factual, unemotional reviews that are succinct.

How it works for a book reviewer: when a book title is posted on the site, reviewers read through the list and return their preferences. The titles are assigned on a best fit basis and in the order of reviewer request. The book reviewers are paid monthly for work done the previous month.

They also accept guest blog of 300-500 words that are non self-promotional.

Pay: Freelance basis

#5. Publishers Weekly

Publishers Weekly mostly referred to as PW, is a weekly news magazine that focuses on international book publishing and all aspects that goes with it. Its best known for prepublication book reviews and publishes more than 8,500 reviews per year.

They are currently hiring book reviewers on different subject areas including; general fiction, parenting, romance, self-help, personal finance, spirituality, ancient history, economics, gardening among others.

To be considered as a book reviewer, you’ll need to submit your resume and a 200 word sample review. Having an education and background in specific areas is preferred but everyone can be considered for the role.

Pay: Freelance basis

#6. Booklist

Booklist is recommendation only journal, which is part of the American Library Association. Their reviews which are brief but impactful serve a specific purpose; to guide school and public library workers in suggesting and purchasing books.

To qualify as a book reviewer for Booklist, you need to be familiar with both books and libraries. Their reviews are usually 15-175 words. Some of their expectations of you as a book reviewer include; timeliness, integrity, professional curiosity, social awareness.

Your name will appear in the byline both online and in print and you get paid $15 for each review.

Pay: $15 per review.

#7. Instaread

Looking for something different? Or you just don’t feel like writing critical reviews on the books that you have read? Why not try out Instaread. Instaread hires for book summaries that recaps key insights of new and classic non-fiction.

Each book summary should be 1000 to 1500 words and the pay is $100 for the summary. At the moment, there are no open calls for submission but you can always check back regularly for openings.

Pay: $100 per summary

#8. getAbstract

If you are a passionate reader of nonfiction books, you need to check out getAbstract. The site, has summarized 20,000+ non fictions books in areas such as finance, leadership, innovation, health and sciences into text and audio bites.

At the time of posting this, getAbstract is in search of science writers. If you have a background in science or technology and would like to summarize books and magazine articles on a freelance basis, getAbstract is looking for you.

Pay: Freelance Basis

#9. Writerful Books

Although they have a preference for contemporary award winning British, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and Irish authors, Writerful Books allows you to review any book that you want.

If you consistently publish quality reviews and emerge a top reviewer, Writeful Books will reward you with a $100 Amazon gift card. Depending on the indepth of the review, book reviewers earn between $10 to $50.

Pay: $10 to $50


If you love reading, we hope this compilation of places you can get paid to read books will help you get started. Did we miss out on any helpful resource? Share in the comment section, and we’ll look it up and add it to the list.

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