Earn Money On Your Old Electronics

How to Cash In on Your Old Electronic Devices

cash in on your old electroncis

You might be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the excess clutter in your home.

A lot of people have trouble going through their own stuff and getting rid of things, so don’t feel bad if you’re struggling with it too.

When you look at your house, what do you see?

Do you see rooms that are filled to the brim with old junk?

Maybe there’s an entire cabinet that has nothing but broken appliances taking up all the space.

If this is going on in your home, then it may be time for some decluttering!

Decluttering can be a really great way to get rid of those unwanted items that just take up space and make it difficult to live normally.

It only takes a small amount of effort to get rid of things that are no longer being used, but can quickly pile up in your home.

Can you get money for old electronics?

Instead of letting those old electronics sit around and collect dust or go in the garbage, there’s another option: you could sell them!

sell your old electronics

It’s surprising just how much some people would be willing to pay for old electronics and other items you’re considering getting rid of.

You don’t have to give them away at the local Goodwill store if you don’t want to. If you want to sell your electronics, there are several ways that can help make it easy and convenient to do so. Here are some options to consider when you want to sell your stuff.

Where to sell old electronics near me

1. Decluttr

Rolling in with an outdated laptop and you’ve got yourself some money to spare? Decluttr is a reliable and fast way to get cash for your old electronics.


With so many people getting rid of old electronics, Decluttr has made it easier than ever to get rid of things in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Decluttr will pay for items as they recycle them and they ’ll also pay for shipping. You don’t have to worry too much about the process either, because they take care of the mess!

Decluttr is a recognized leader in electronics recycling with over 5 million happy customers. They buy the product you wish to sell, and they offer an easy way to initiate a sale. You can use Decluttr’s website or download their app for Android or iPhone.

Once you get your free shipping label, pack up and send in your device. Once it arrives at Decluttr, the device will be inspected and all personal information removed if necessary. Decluttr pays customers quickly when devices are received in good condition but also if they need to contact you about a fair offer after having seen how the item arrived.

2. Bookoo

With locations all across the United States, Bookoo is a great way to sell your electronics. It’s a great option for anyone looking to get rid of various items and not just old electronics.


Bookoo will buy all sorts of used products, from CDs to DVDs and even video games. You can use their website or download their app (available for both Android and iPhone) to get started.

Bookoo gives you the option of creating an account or selling as a guest. Signing up for an account allows you to save your information so it’s easier next time you decide to sell something online. You also have the advantage of seeing offers from Bookoo before selling any items, which would allow you to see potential earnings.

There are some restrictions with what Bookoo is willing to buy, including many items that require a battery. Still, these items are the best option for selling old electronics in the United States and they ensure you will get paid as soon as your item is received.

Click here to visit bookoo!

3. Glyde

This is another great option for those looking to sell their used phone without dealing with the hassle of classified ads or setting up a consignment shop.


As soon as you create a free account on Glyde, it will search your device in its database to determine what type of value it has. From there, they list the price of the item on their website and allow you to create a listing. Glyde does require that items be in working condition, so you’ll want to make sure your device is ready for sale if you plan on using this option.

If someone makes an offer on your item, Glyde sends you some shipping materials at no cost to you. You just pack the device up and send it to them, where they will then inspect the item before paying you for it. The site also offers some great options for those who have more than one device to sell.

Users can take pictures of multiple items and create a page with all their listings on it, which is a convenient way to sell multiple items at once. Of course, when you sell to a buyer who is looking for one item, it might be hard to move all your stuff in one transaction.

While Glyde does have some restrictions on the condition of devices they can buy, the site makes it easier than ever to get rid of your old electronic devices. Getting paid is simple and the site ensures you’ll get paid quickly!

Click here to visit Glyde!

4. Amazon Trade-In

If you’re interested in selling your old iPhone on Amazon’s marketplace, then consider using their trade-in program instead of dealing with private sellers or individual buyers.


This option will allow you to get paid for any electronics that are in good, working condition and you can sell multiple devices online or at any of their approved trade-in centers.

At the moment, Amazon has over 200 locations where customers can go to drop off all kinds of products for an appraisal before selling them on Amazon’s marketplace.

The trade-in process is really easy. You’ll just fill out the online form to describe your device and what condition it’s in, which will include its current operating status as well as how well it has been taken care of over time.

Amazon will then send a pre-paid shipping label so you can ship the phone back to them. Once they receive the device, you’ll get a credit that will be applied to your Amazon account for use towards anything on their website.

If you’re willing to ship multiple items or have more than one item in need of appraisal, then this site is a great option to consider because it allows you to sell multiple items from home without having to deal with individual buyers. Just send the items back to Amazon and get paid for all of them in one transaction.

Click here to learn more about their program!

5. Craigslist

Craigslist is a great option for those looking to sell their used phone in the United States. Because of how simple it is to post ads on this site, it can be a convenient way for you to get rid of your old electronic devices.

Regardless of what kind of item you’re selling, Craigslist has provided a convenient way for members to create their own listings which are searchable by anyone in your area.

Since there is no fee for posting an ad on this site, it can be a good choice if you just want to turn a quick profit and don’t mind doing some searching to find a buyer.

To create your own post, you’ll just need to include some of the following information in the body of your message:

  • Your email address -The release date or RMA number for any products you want to sell (anyone can email you directly if they have questions about this) -Links to pictures or videos of the item you’re selling -The condition of the product
  • Whether or not your phone is activated and comes with a SIM card -How much money you want for it
  • Any other additional info that will help your buyer decide if they want to buy from you

If there’s interest in your post, those interested can email you directly. When you work out a time to meet up to exchange the product for money, make sure that you bring any original documentation that came with your iPhone (receipts, warranty information, and so on) just in case they want to verify how much it’s worth.

When meeting up with prospective buyers or sellers online, always meet in a public place and only bring the minimum amount of cash you need to complete your exchange.

6. Facebook Marketplace

If you’re interested in buying or selling used smartphones, then you should check out Facebook’s Marketplace feature. This service is available to anyone with a Facebook account and allows sellers to create posts with pictures of their products in order to attract potential buyers.

Once someone is interested in buying your device, you can create a conversation between the two of you which will allow both parties to discuss terms such as payment, shipping, and delivery.

In addition to providing a place for buyers and sellers to connect with each other, Facebook Marketplace also provides users with a convenient way to get rid of old electronics while helping people recycle cell phones responsibly.

Those interested in selling their used phones can choose from two options: an instant sale or the ability to set a fixed price.

If you choose to sell your device immediately, the buyer will be able to pick it up at their convenience from your location. Alternatively, if you’re willing to ask for an amount of money that’s listed in your post, buyers can contact you about purchasing the product and then set up a time with you to meet in order to exchange the funds for the phone.

To create a post on Facebook Marketplace, you’ll just need to provide your device’s information such as: -Model details and color -Whether or not it is unlocked (can be a handy feature if you’re hoping to sell your phone internationally) User photos of the item

Additional details like how it’s been taken care of before, whether or not there are any cracks in the screen, and so on For more information about Facebook Marketplace, check out their help page .

7. eBay

For those interested in selling used electronics online, it’s hard to beat eBay for how well-known their site is among users.

When selling a phone on eBay, you first need to set up an account and create a user profile. This allows buyers to verify that you’re trustworthy, and to know what they’ll be paying for when purchasing your device.

If you’re just getting started with selling cell phones before they stop working, then it’s a good idea to read some of eBay’s help articles. You’ll learn how to find and create listings, show off pictures of your used phones, and more.

The site also provides prospective sellers with guides on different situations, like selling an old phone that you’ve found in someone else’s storage unit or the best way to sell a broken smartphone . One of eBay’s key tips for sellers is to provide detailed pictures of their products for prospective buyers.

This will help potential customers better understand the flaws in used cell phones or electronics, and it will make your listing stand out from those with little or poor images. If you’re looking at using eBay to sell a device that’s no longer working then you’ll also want to read this article about how to do that.

8. NextWorth and Gazelle

If you’re looking for a place to sell your old phone or used electronics online, but you don’t want to wait for a buyer or worry about shipping the item yourself, then NextWorth or Gazelle might be one of the best options available to you.


Both companies provide customers with the opportunity to mail in their used phones or electronics, and both use multiple methods for paying you once they receive your item. If you’ve got a smartphone that still holds some value then Gazelle is one of the best places to sell it online.https://www.gazelle.com/

This site allows anyone to list a used iPhone on their marketplace, as long as it’s in good enough working order to be under the company’s trade-in program and it isn’t cracked or water damaged.

Once you’ve signed up for an account and verified your identity, you’ll need to fill out some information about the item that you’re shipping.

This includes details like:

  • The condition of the device (i.e. cracked screen, water damage, etc.)
  • The phone’s make and model (i.e. iPhone 7 Plus)
  • Whether or not it has been unlocked by a carrier.

NextWorth also provides prospective sellers with information about how to ship the item safely so it reaches them in good working order.


This means that you need to package your phone well, include all of the necessary accessories and paperwork, and then keep track of your tracking number once you send the device.

Once NextWorth receives your package, they’ll conduct a review to ensure that it’s in working order. If it is not, then they’ll pay you for what they can salvage from your used smartphone or electronic device. If it works, then you’ll be paid for the value of your phone.

Gazelle and NextWorth both allow customers to use third-party shipping services like UPS, USPS, and FedEx to ship the items that they send in so long as the two companies aren’t already partnered with a different provider.

If you’re looking for a quick sale, then you may want to try sending your device in through the mail. If you want a more hands-off approach though, the next option is another great way to sell your smartphones or used electronics online.

9. Poshmark

Ever heard of the famous clothing trading website, Poshmark? No? Well, let me fill you in…

Poshmark is a social fashion app that allows users to buy and sell used designer clothing online!

But did they stop there?

Oh no!

They also include a section for buying and selling other items such as: shoes, bags, jewelry, electronics etc.

This app has taken the online fashion world by storm and is quickly becoming a very popular way to buy and sell preloved clothes!

Selling on Poshmark

In order to start selling your items on Poshmark you will first need to sign up for an account . Once you’ve signed up, you can either search for items or you can choose to sell your own items. Poshmark allows sellers to sell their items in bundles, making it easier for buyers to purchase multiple items from a seller at once! This is especially useful if the buyer wants more than one item from you or they are purchasing an expensive item that they don’t want to break down.

Poshmark is most popular among women, but anybody can sell their items through Poshmark. There are no size requirements for sellers; so if you have clothing that doesn’t fit you anymore, feel free to list it on Poshmark! Your used clothes might just be somebody else’s treasure.

Posting an item for sell

To post an item for sale, simply click the “Sell” tab, fill out the item description and select the pictures you would like to include. Once you’ve done this, Poshmark will provide a suggested price for your item. You can choose whether or not to accept that amount by moving the slider up or down in order to adjust your listed price. If you don’t want to list your item for sale at this time, simply click the “Save it” button.

However, if you’re ready to sell, then just check the box that says “Sell it now” and follow the steps . Once you’ve submitted your listing, Poshmark will review it before publishing for all of their users to see.

If you’re posting an item for sale, you will need to include details like:

  • The condition of the item (i.e. excellent, good, etc.)
  • The size and style of a clothing article (or other item)
  • The price that you are selling it for
  • How much shipping is included in the price
  • The location of the item that you’re selling
  • What payment methods are accepted for this item

When you post an item for sale, it will appear in the “Selling” tab on your profile. This makes finding items easier for potential buyers. If buyers have any questions about your listing or would like to know more details before purchasing something, they can contact you by clicking the “Message” button or they can send the seller a private message using their own Poshmark account.

10) Mercari app

Mercari is a free iPhone and Android compatible app that allows users to sell their used electronics online. Mercari also handles the logistics of shipping for buyers who purchase your item!

The amount you receive for selling an item on Mercari will be determined through an auction-like bidding process where you pick the starting price for your item. This starting price should be as low as possible in order to attract the highest bidder for your item.

Before you can post an item on Mercari, you need to first create a free account and download the app.

Don’t worry though.

Signing up for a Mercari account is quick and easy!  

Once you’ve created an account and downloaded the app, you can then sign in to choose a category for your listing.  

The categories provided are very broad such as:

  • DIY items
  • Home & kitchen
  • Sports & outdoors
  • Clothing and electronics.

You will also need to include details about your item including:

Your item’s condition If there is a warranty The product’s model number and brand Name of item Any return policies If you include multiple items for sale in a single listing, make sure to add a detailed description including an overall condition appraisal.

The second step about posting your item is to set the price.  

You can set the starting bid by either picking a dollar amount or choosing a “One-touch” price.  

With a “One-touch” price, you can add the minimum amount that you want to get for an item and Mercari will automatically raise the price by $1 after each bid until it hits your predetermined maximum amount!

Did we miss out on a good marketplace for selling preloved electronics? Share in the comments!

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