9 Places to Find Freelance Art Jobs

Artists are some of the most creative people in the world, and freelance art jobs provide a space for them to use their creativity. Whether you specialize in painting, sculpting, or something else entirely, there is freelance work out there waiting for you!

How To Find Freelance Art Jobs

Freelance artists are in high demand, and it’s no surprise why. Artists can freelance for a variety of jobs such as freelance graphic design, freelance illustration, freelance photography, and more! In this article, we will take a look at 9 different places where you can find freelance art jobs to help grow your portfolio and earn some extra cash.

Where To Look for Freelance Artist Work

You’ve got the skills, but where do you find work as a freelance artist? This is a dilemma most freelance beginner artists find themselves in.

While some of the freelance art jobs may not pay the best of wages, they are great in helping beginner artists to sharpen their skills and build a portfolio.

Some freelance art jobs that you will find on these boards may not be the most exciting, but there are quite a few freelance opportunities for artists looking to earn some extra cash and/or build up their portfolios.

Like everyone else searching for a job, you’ve got to start somewhere. Luckily, there are a number of freelance job board sites out there that can help you find freelance art jobs.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best freelance art job boards where you can earn money with your art.


Aquent is well-known for its success as a freelancing business and for fostering creativity and defying convention. The website’s search capabilities find matches between clients and freelancers.

Aquent’s recruitment marketplace offers freelance artists a range of freelance opportunities, from marketing design to product design.

Art Wanted

Art Wanted is a website that allows freelance artists to display their art portfolios and get access to potential clients who are looking for their services.

Art Wanted provides freelance artists with the opportunity, resources, and exposure needed to grow in their craft by reaching out directly to top-tier businesses and brands around the world.

Their robust community lets artists engage on message boards and give feedback on the art pieces posted. As an artist, this is a great way to get feedback on your work and know where to improve.

Arts Thread

Arts Thread is a launchpad for emerging freelance designers and artists. This website focuses on helping creatives find advice on their art portfolio, inspiration, and freelance art jobs. The site is a haven for freelance artists and allows them to post their portfolios along with examples of completed work for potential clients to see.

The service creates an opportunity for freelance artists who may not have the biggest portfolio or those just starting in their career as well as seasoned professionals looking to supplement their income.

Freelance Art Jobs for Beginners

As a freelance art beginner who is yet to build a strong portfolio, here are some great places you can find freelance art jobs.


Craigslist is a great resource for freelance art jobs, and if you live in an urban area, there’s likely to be multiple postings each day. While the pay might not always be stellar on Craigslist freelance art jobs, it can help your portfolio grow!


Monster offers freelance graphic design opportunities as well as freelance photography opportunities. If you are interested, I recommend applying to both of these freelance art jobs to maximize your chances of getting hired!


Behance is the perfect place for freelance artists who specialize in graphic design and illustration. There are thousands (if not millions!) of different freelance gigs on this site that are in high demand among freelance art jobs seekers.

Behance is a freelance artist’s dream come true, in that you can offer your services and be targeted to the type of freelance art job you want!


Fiverr is a good place for freelance artists who have their own style, but can’t always complete freelance art jobs that require more complex styles. The rates start as low as $5 per gig. You can always charge higher for complex designs.

99 Designs

99 designs allow freelance artists to offer their services and get paid through contests where the client posts freelance art jobs.


This freelance website has a wide variety of different freelance opportunities available on it, including graphic design freelance work. This site also allows you to apply to freelance art jobs that are posted by clients who pay more for quality freelance work.

Freelance Artist FAQs

What is a freelance artist?

A freelance artist is an individual who does freelance work for various companies, allowing them to continue their craft while building a portfolio. There are many different types of freelance artists that can do freelance graphic design, freelance photography, and even freelance illustration!

How much money can I make as a freelance artist?

Depending on the type of project you’re completing freelance work for, freelance artists can make a lot of money. Most freelance art jobs pay between $20-$100 per hour on the low end, and upwards of over $200/hour for more detailed or difficult projects!

How do freelance artists find work?

Many freelance job websites allow freelance artists to find work. Upwork, 99 designs, and others listed above offer freelance art jobs for beginners who want to start building their portfolios.

What educational requirements do I need as a freelance artist?

There are no formal educational requirements for freelance artists, but it helps to have a college degree because clients may feel more secure hiring someone who has gone through school.

Most freelance artists have a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. If you want to pursue a career as a freelance artist, formal education is the best way to go. Some of the college majors you may want to look at include, animation, fine arts, and digital and visual communication. If you are a self-driven individual, online courses may offer some flexibility.

How do freelance art jobs work?

Freelance art jobs usually require an hourly rate that the client will pay you per hour of work done on their project. For example, if a freelance artist is designing a logo for a client, the hourly rate maybe $20/hour. The freelance artists will work on their own time to complete this project and get paid accordingly.

How do I get an art job without a degree?

There is no standard degree for freelance artists, meaning you don’t need one to get started in this field! If you are willing to learn on your own and put the time into it (which will be difficult), then there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a freelance artist.

What is freelance art?

Freelance art jobs include all types of freelance jobs that are related to visual arts. This can include freelance graphic design, freelance photography, and even freelance illustration!

What’s a portfolio?

A portfolio is a collection of work the artist has done in the past which he/she uses as examples for potential clients or employers. It usually includes some pieces from college or previous projects.

How do freelance artists get jobs?

While freelance art jobs are usually advertised online, most projects have a pre-determined budget. If you’re looking to freelance in your area of expertise, then start searching for companies that offer these services and reach out to them! Building relationships with local businesses is one-way freelance artists can find work!

What is freelance design?

Freelance design jobs are freelance positions that relate to the art of graphic designing. This can include freelance logo designers, freelance web designers, and even freelance business card designers!

How do I get started as a freelance artist?

The best way to become a freelance artist is by building your portfolio. Start with freelance art jobs where you’re designing logos and simple web pages. Build your portfolio as much as possible, then once it’s time to start looking for freelance design projects, you’ll have a solid foundation of work that potential clients can look at if they want to hire you!

Which skills do I need as a freelance artist?

As a freelance artist, there are no skills that you MUST have. However, the more experience and training you can get in your field of expertise (i.e freelance graphic design), the better!

How do I make money as a freelance artist?

Similar to becoming an online teacher or tutor through VIPKID, freelance art jobs pay hourly rates for freelance positions. Clients will hire freelance artists to complete projects and pay them accordingly!

Find your next freelance art job!

Freelance art jobs are a great way to supplement your income and keep yourself productive. These freelance websites offer freelance opportunities in graphic design, illustration, photography, video editing, animation, or any other freelance artist niche you might be interested in. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out as an illustrator looking for freelance work or if you’ve been freelancing for years.

Wherever you decide to look for freelance art jobs, make sure that you have updated your portfolio and website! You can’t expect clients to hire you or give you freelance work if they don’t know how good your style is by looking at the quality of your portfolio.

To find freelance art jobs on these sites: search by category (i.e., Illustration), browse the most recent postings, and sign up with one of them so they can contact you when freelance arts openings become available that suit your interests and skill set. Happy job hunting!

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