13 Introvert Friendly Jobs for People Who Hate People

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Pursue a career that allows you to work on your own without having to worry about fitting in.

It’s no secret that introverts have a tough time in the workplace. They’re constantly passed up for promotions and their ideas go unheard at meetings because they don’t speak up enough. It can be hard to find jobs where you don’t have to deal with other people all day long, but luckily there are plenty out there!

Here are 13 jobs for people who hate people:

1) Graphic Designer

These professionals work from home or coffee shops and produce creative images such as logos, banners, brochures, and website designs. In some instances, you may need to interact with people especially at the onset of a project. But in most cases, graphic designers spend time alone, conceptualizing ideas.

2) Bookkeeper

If you are good with numbers, a career as a bookkeeper will be a good fit. If you want to help businesses stay on top of their financial transactions, you’d make a fine bookkeeper.

You don’t need a degree in accounting to work as a bookkeeper. However, you may need to take up some courses to polish up your skills. Another great trait to develop is being organized and the ability to multitask.

3) Researcher

If you love to read, study, and research, a career as a researcher might be the perfect fit. You’ll need to have excellent writing skills but also be able to communicate well with others while still being independent.

A degree is not necessary for this profession. But it will help if you are interested in pursuing advanced levels of education to focus on the subject of your interest such as business, humanities, science.

While this can be done away from other people, if you choose a career in some fields such as marketing, you may be required to speak publicly once in a while.

4) Archivist

If you like to research and organize, archiving may be a good career choice.

Archivists are responsible for preserving artifacts from the past by organizing them into archives to make them more accessible for others who come looking for information on that subject.

Archival work requires some traveling but not as much as jobs such as being an international aid worker or flight attendant.

To qualify for a job as an archivist, a bachelor’s degree in library science, archival science, history, or other related fields is required.

5) Transcriptionist

If you work from home and enjoy listening, transcribing may be a good career choice for you.

Transcriptionists listen to recorded material such as interviews or lectures then convert it into written form so that the content can be easily read by others without having to hear the original recording which would take up valuable time.

Many transcription companies hire work-from-home transcribers. Transcribers prefer to work alone as the job requires one to work in a quiet place.

6) Petsitter

If you hate people, there’s a high possibility you prefer spending time with four-legged friends.

If you love animals, have a flexible schedule, and don’t mind driving to visit clients, this may be the perfect job for you.

Pet sitters regularly care for pets in their owner’s homes or yards while they are away on vacation or at work.

In addition to pet sitting, some also provide walking services and do basic tasks such as washing the pet and taking the fur fiends to the vet.

7) Dropshipper

Have you always wanted to start a retail store but can’t stand the idea of interacting with customers every other minute? Why not try out dropshipping?

Dropshippers purchase products in bulk from manufacturers or wholesalers and sell them to retailers.

They’re a middleman business, which means they can avoid the stress of dealing with customers directly as well as provide their clients with lower prices by buying wholesale instead of retail.

To start your own dropship company, it’s best to do your market research and find fast-selling products. Learn some social media marketing to help you in marketing your business.

8) eBook Writer

Writing eBooks is a great way to make money from the comfort of your own home.

It’s not as easy as it may seem, though. You have to be a writing expert and you also need quality content that people want to read.

You’ll also have to know how best to work with clients if you decide to sell your books. It’s a low-cost startup and with the right marketing campaign, you should be able to earn passively from your books for years.

If you don’t want to write for yourself, you can always work as a freelance eBook writer and find clients on platforms such as Upwork.

9) Proofreader

Some jobs that are favorable to introverts may not be what you think they are. Proofreading is a great job for people who love reading but don’t want the pressure of writing themselves or being around others all day.

You can do this work from home and set your hours, which means you’ll only need to interact with other people when taking on a job or handing over the completed task.

10) Blogger

Tired of your office job and want to try out something new? Try blogging.

Blogging is a great way to work from home and while it does require some work, you can do most of this on your own time. You’ll be able to set hours that are more flexible than an office job and control the amount of content you produce.

You may not earn anything at the start. However, once your blog is established, there are several ways to earn from it. Some earn $0 while others pocket six figures every month from their blog. Sponsored content, affiliate marketing, selling your products, and display ads are some of the ways you can earn from your blog.

Starting a blog is easy and doesn’t have to cost you thousands. Start for as low as $2.95/month

11) Statistician

If you like to be analytical and enjoy crunching numbers, this could be the perfect job for you. You can work in a variety of fields such as finance, marketing, healthcare, or government. If your skills are excellent then jobs come with high paychecks and great benefits.

You’ll have to deal with people from time to time. A bachelor’s degree or master’s in mathematics, statistics is required to pursue a career in this field. A certificate is not mandatory but being certified by organizations or accreditation boards such as American Statistical Association (ASA) can boost your career chances.

12) Video Editor

Video editors are in high demand and have jobs ranging from production assistants to creative directors. Video editing is a great job for introverts because you can work at home if you prefer, or go into an office if your boss requires it of you.

You’ll be required to interact with clients during their video project but this will usually be on the minimal side. You’ll also be required to interact with colleagues and clients out in the field.

You have a general idea of what it’s like, but you might not know how much introversion is involved in this job. It depends largely on your personality type as well as the company culture that you work at. If you don’t want to work at a specific company, you can choose to be a freelance video editor and source for your clients.

13) Horticulturalists

Horticulturalists love being outside and working in gardens. They get to work with plants, flowers, trees, and other green things that are usually soothing for introverts.

There is a lot of room for creativity when you become a horticulturist. You’ll be able to create your designs and layouts for gardens, which is a great way to deal with your creative side. You’ll also get the chance to work outside in green spaces that are usually soothing for introverts.

Horticulturalists must be able to lift heavy objects on occasion as well as do physically demanding tasks like planting trees or carrying pots of soil around.


If you are an introvert and struggling to decide what to do with your life, have no fear. You can take charge and find a job that allows you the time for self-reflection and solitude that you need to thrive. There are many jobs out there suited for people who hate being around other people all day long!

We hope the above list helps you make an informed choice on which career path to take as an introvert.

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