16 Genuine $20 an Hour Jobs

Do you need an extra $640 a week? Do you want to make more money without having to work hard for it? If so, then this blog post is for you! In this article, we will talk about jobs that pay $20 an hour. We will also discuss how much these jobs are worth and what type of skills they require. This information should be helpful in determining whether or not these jobs are right for your skillset.

Work From Home Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour

If you are a natural introvert or just hate being around people, work-at-home jobs that pay $20 an hour or more might be a good fit. And what’s more, some are easier than you can think.

1) Become a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant does the same things as an admin assistant working in an office setup. Answer emails, book appointments among others. If you have experience in office administration and can type quickly, this might be the perfect $20 an hour job for you.

Education requirement: You don’t require a degree to work as a virtual assistant. Being a self-starter and always ready to learn can help you improve your skills and deliver awesome results to your clients. Invest in online classes to stay up to date and learn new skills.

What skills can I offer as a virtual assistant? The list is long. It all depends on your skillset and what clients are looking to hire for. Check out our blog post here where we’ve covered over 50 services you can offer as a virtual assistant.

What skills and tools do I need to work as a virtual assistant? Be organized. A fast learner. Ability to multitask. Depending on the services you are going to offer, tools like Grammarly, canva will be on top of your list. You can find a detailed list of skills and tools for a virtual assistant here.

2) Proofreader

Proofreading is another great job that can earn you $20 an hour or more.

If you can construct a near perfect sentence in your sleep. You’re an advocate for the Oxford comma and are looking for a work-at-home job that pays 20 dollars an hour, you need to try out proofreading.

With all the ebooks, blogs, and articles being published every other day, proofreaders are increasingly in demand.

Service you offer as a proofreader: checking for mistakes in sentences or content (spelling errors) before something is published online. You may also work with large texts that need a final check before going into print format like books.

Education requirements: Working for some clients like publication houses may require one to have a degree in English or journalism.

Where to find proofreading jobs. With over a billion websites available, finding a work-from-home job as a proofreader has never been easier. Online job boards, social media, and cold pitching are some of the ways you can land clients.

3) Online Tutor

Becoming an online tutor is another option. With this job, you can work at home and be your own boss! You don’t even need a degree to become one because many of the courses are self-taught. This $20 an hour job will require that you invest in course materials as well as high-speed internet access if necessary.

Education requirements: Depending on what you are tutoring, some platforms may require one to have a degree in that specific field.

What services can I offer as an online tutor? Tutoring online varies with the most common one being teaching English to non-English speakers. You can online offer to help kids finish their homework.

Where can I find online tutor jobs? Here’s a list of some of the websites where you can find online tutor jobs. If you are into helping kids with their homework, another option of finding jobs that pay 20 an hour near you is by talking to parents with school-going kids.

4) Become A Website Tester

Website owners are always looking for people to test their site for errors. You have to try out the product and report back on any bugs you find.

There are a variety of ways that people use this work-from-home job, but it’s not exactly something a person can do in front of the TV or browse Facebook while doing so!

Education requirements. This work-from-home job doesn’t require one to have a degree to qualify. However, some website owners may require you to be in a specific demographic to get the job.

Where can I find website tester jobs? If you are a newbie website tester, UserTesting.com is a great site to help you in your journey. They connect website owners to testers. UserTesting pays $10 for every 20-minute test you complete. You can up to $120 for live interviews.

5) Online Transcription Jobs That Pay $20 An Hour Or More

Got a good ear for details? And your typing speed is good? Why not try working as a transcriber?

Several industries are always on the lookout for transcribers to help them convert their audio and video files into text. Legal, medical, educational, and other general files.

Education requirements: This is a work-from-home job paying 20 dollars an hour or more that doesn’t require a degree. Especially if you are doing general transcription work. If you want to niche down to say medical transcription or legal transcription, a degree or some background in that field may be required. It also eases the work as you understand their jargon.

Where can I find work from home transcription jobs?

Learn more: 19 transcription jobs for beginners

6) Freelance Writer

A freelance writer can write articles for other websites, help with marketing materials like brochures or copywriting, and even ghostwrite books. If you have a knack for writing, this one is worth considering.

Most clients pay freelancer writers per word.

Education requirements: Most freelance writing gigs don’t require a degree to get started. However, having knowledge in a specific field comes in handy. This way you can target specific clients instead of being a general writer.

Where to find freelance writing gigs: As a newbie, you may have to start slow and earn little. When you’ve built your portfolio and gained experience you can start landing high-paying gigs.

Want to get started as a freelance writer? Check out, how to find freelance writing jobs for beginners.

7) Online Bookkeeping Jobs That Pay $20+ An Hour

Bookkeepers have seen a rise in demand for their skills as individuals and companies seek ways to cut costs. If you need money today, are good with numbers, and looking for jobs paying 20 an hour near you, a career in bookkeeping is a good choice.

Education requirements: Online Bookkeeping jobs often require a bachelor’s degree in accounting and thorough knowledge of US GAAP or IFRS

These bookkeeping positions can be done remotely from home, which makes them even more desirable to many potential employees. The hours are flexible enough that you’ll be able to find work that matches your schedule.

8) Become a Social Media Manager

Most if not all companies around the globe are working towards having an online presence. The more popular social media networks for companies are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These three platforms have millions of users on them every day so it’s safe to say that these sites are integral in marketing strategies nowadays.

This is where the Social Media Manager comes into play! A person who takes care of a company’s online profile by creating posts, ensuring customer’s complaints on social are handled properly, and the brand has a positive image. A social media manager may also be responsible for the company’s ads.

Educational requirements: Knowing Facebook marketing and social media marketing, in general, is a good start. Customer service skills are also worth having to ensure you are an all-rounded person able to deliver the best.

Where to find jobs: You can start by pitching to specific brands. Go for those who don’t have an online presence and advice on how doing that will help their brand grow. Another great option would be searching for jobs on marketplaces such as Upwork.

9) Become A Fitness Instructor

2020 taught us that health is wealth. Being physically fit not only helps to boost your immune system and self-esteem but also helps you to fight off certain diseases.

Most individuals require that push to stay on track. If you’ve got the skills, you can work as a fitness instructor and earn $20 an hour or more.

Education requirements: This is one of those jobs that pay 20 an hour with a high school diploma. As a fitness instructor, you don’t require a degree to start. Certifications in fitness training, yoga, aerobics, and nutrition will help boost your profile. These are courses you can easily complete online.

Where to find jobs: You can work as a freelance fitness instructor. Another option is working in a gym. As a freelance fitness instructor, you would need to market yourself to attract clients. One way is to use social media. Having a YouTube channel is the best way to get started. Upload short videos to your channel showing different fitness routines and share them on your social media channels.

10) Become A Dog Walker

Pet sitting offers the opportunity to earn $20 an hour while caring for other people’s pets. Pet sitters are usually on-call and will be called in when owners need them; they go over their pet care duties with a client before taking care of the animal, then they’re responsible for feeding, walking, or playing with it whenever needed.

If you are an introvert who connects well with fur friends this is a perfect side hustle for you.

Education requirements: loving animals is the only requirement.

Where to find dog walking jobs: Word of mouth is the fastest way to grow your client base. But what if you are just starting? How do you find clients? Rover can match you with potential clients who are looking for someone to care for their pets.

11) House Cleaner

Working as a house cleaner may not make the list of glamorous jobs. However, if you are looking for jobs that pay 20 an hour with high school diploma this can make for a perfect side hustle.

House cleaners are a lesser-known $20 an hour job. If you have experience in cleaning products, then this is the perfect opportunity for you to provide your services on sites such as TaskRabbit or Handy and make money at home while doing something you love!

Education requirements: You don’t need a degree to work as a house cleaner.

12) Landscaping

If you enjoy taking care of plants, landscaping may be your calling.

Landscapers work in all kinds of climates and with all sorts of plants, trees, flowers, shrubs, and ground covers. Some may even offer lawn mowing services.

Education requirements: Becoming a landscaper is more of knowing which plants thrive where best. If you are unsure, you can enroll in a community college that offers botany and agriculture classes to hone your skills.

Landscape workers typically make $14 per hour or more, and some can earn as much as $20-$40 per hour if they have the right experience. Taskrabbit is a good place to start if you are looking for a landscaping job.

13) Garbage Truck Driver

As long as we eat and use disposable items, garbage collection will always be part of us. Garbage companies are always looking for truck drivers who can collect and dispose of the waste.

Education requirement: A great driving record is what you need the most. Be physically fit to be able to lift a good amount of lbs.

Where to find garbage truck driving jobs: Indeed lists jobs in this category.

14) Bartender Or Server

When you visit your favorite joint, you’ll always find someone to serve you your drink. And this makes bartenders always be in demand.

Education requirements: To work as a bartender or server you need to get a certification in bartending to serve alcohol to the public.

Where to find jobs: I would recommend looking for bars that work with people who are under 21 as they might need servers.

15) Window Washer Or Janitor

Windows and other parts of buildings need cleaning just like our homes do. And that’s how window washers get to earn money.

To become a window washer or janitor, you need to have your tools and supplies. You also will want to be mentally ready for hard work that is often dirty and physically demanding. Your job duties may include washing windows, removing snow from buildings’ roofs, scrubbing floors among other things.

where to find jobs: You can find window washer jobs on Indeed and other gig platforms. I would also recommend visiting buildings and homes near you to ask for jobs.

16) Tax Preparer

Tax preparation services are often required by law. Most of the time, a tax preparer will need to be certified and licensed to work. That means attending classes, passing an exam or test, and having met all requirements for certification/license from your state government before being able to do this work.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, as of May 2020, the median annual wage for tax preparation clerks is $52,710. That’s not bad at all! And remember: this is a yearly average – meaning some people are earning way more than $640+ per week and others less depending on their location and experience level.

Where to find jobs: Local companies or online job marketplaces are great places to find tax preparer jobs.


This is a list of jobs paying $20 per hour or more. Some may pay below 20 an hour depending on your skills level. To help you find the best job for your situation, we’ve also included how much education and experience is required to apply for these positions. Use this information to guide you in finding which ones might be right for you.

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