Maintaining Your Income While Ill: Strategies for Freelancers

Freelancing is a hot topic these days. Freelancers are in demand and there are more opportunities than ever to make money doing what you love! Freelancing can provide financial freedom, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. One of the most difficult things about freelancing is maintaining your income when you’re ill or injured. In this blog post we’ll share some strategies for freelancers to maintain their income while they’re sick or recovering from an injury.”

Being a freelancer is hard. You have to do lots of things by yourself, like deliver products or service and handle invoices. It gets even harder when you get sick and have no employees to help you. When this happens, try to take care of yourself first so that your business won’t lose money while you are sick. This will make it easier on both your business and you when you feel better again.

Tips to Keep your Freelance Business Going

These tips will help you keep your business going and make money while you are recovering.

Prioritize Your Time

Prioritizing your time is the key to a productive day.

Figure out what’s important, schedule those things into an hour where you will have enough energy to do them and make sure that these top items are at the very top of your list so they get done first.


Divide your workload into manageable chunks

Make a list of all tasks that need getting don in order from start finish – keep it close by and cross off any item as soon as you’ve completed it!

Nobody can force you to work a full eight hours straight. But when it’s crunch time and your deadline is looming, the best way to get everything done on time might be in short spurts like taking 10-minute breaks every hour or two. You’ll find yourself finishing more than before!

When sick, nobody has control over how long they work. If you feel tired and can only work for a few minutes at a time, then it’s okay. You never know where these small chunks of productivity will add up to something big.

Schedule Tasks

As a freelancer, you need to learn to schedule tasks ahead of time. This way you’ll be covered for a few days in the event you get sick.

Use a Laptop

It is good to use a laptop. As a freelancer, you should have one. If you can’t afford one, borrow one from someone while you are away and sick. You will be able to work in bed and take care of your body at the same time.

Only work from bed when you’re sick. If you get into this habit when you’re not sick, your productivity is likely to suffer because a comfy bed is often too casual of an environment to feel like work.

 If you need a laptop but don’t have much money, think about buying a netbook. A netbook can cost as little as $300 and it is often free when signing up a contract with an internet provider. But keep in mind the screen can be smaller than the normal laptop.

Focus on less intensive tasks.

If you are a freelance designer or writer, you often need to have pay a lot of attention to produce quality work. This is hard when you are sick. But if your deadlines aren’t coming up soon, it is better to do the behind-the-scenes tasks and not take on any paying work for now.

You can make an email or postcard for your business and send it to potential clients. You can also contact people you have done work for in the past and let them know that you are available next month.

Notify your Clients

If you find yourself feeling ill for longer than anticipated, it’s a good idea to notify your clients that something may be wrong. Most of them will be understanding and offer their support. If this is the case, try spending some time recuperating so you can work on booking future jobs when healthy again!

Ask for Help from Family or Friends

When you are sick, it’s okay to ask for help from your family or friends. Freelancers often feel a sense of pride and independence that prevents them from having others help with their work, but it’s important to recognize when you need assistance. Freelancing is not the same as being employed by an organization, so your boss can’t just send someone else in for you if there’s no one who can fill in at the moment.

Take Time Off

You might have had an intention of working the whole day and completing tasks at a given time. However, when sickness kicks in, it’s appropriate to take time off to recharge.

Staying Productive

As a freelancer, you know that your income is largely dependent on how much time and effort you put into your work each day. So when illness strikes, it can be difficult to maintain the same level of productivity as before.

The good news is there are some simple steps you can take today in order to ensure that all aspects of your business stay afloat while you recover from an illness or injury.

We recommend prioritizing tasks according to their intensity so that those with low-intensity assignments get done first (such as emailing back clients).

You should also use a laptop if possible since this will allow for more mobility than using a desktop computer which requires close proximity to outlets. Finally, make sure not to neglect yourself by getting enough sleep

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