The Best Referral Programs that Pay Cash online

Have you been looking for a way to make some extra money? Have you considered a referral program that pays cash? This blog post will explore the benefits of referral programs that pay cash.

If you are seeking an easy, no-brainer way to earn money on the side, then this is it. Referral programs are perfect for anyone who wants to make some extra income without having any major time commitments or input into how they do it. There’s also plenty of ways to get started!

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What Is A Referral Program?

Retailers and manufacturers are often in the business of giving people discounts on their products in order to keep them coming back for more.

This is known as a “referral program.”

A referral program always involves some monetary reward for promoting the company to friends and family which typically comes from a percentage of each purchase.

Imagine that you work for a retail clothing store called “Jenny’s.” You have a 10% discount on all your own purchases, but every time you bring in a friend, they also get 10% off of their entire purchase.

Best Referral Programs To Make Money

1. Tesla ($100-$400)

2. Groupon (10% commission)

3. PayPal Cashback ($10 per referral)

4. Xfinity (up to $175 per referral)

5. ShareASale ($150 per referred affiliate)

6. Payoneer ($25 per referral)

7. VigLink (up to 35% of the referral sale)

8. Get Ambassador (up to 20% commission)

9. SoFi ($10+ per referral)

10. Acorns ($5 per referral)

11. Do$h ($10 per referral)

12. Axos bank ($20 per referral)

Online Referral Programs That Pay Cash

1. Tesla ($100 – $400)

Tesla is all about green energy and offers incentives for their customers. From free supercharging miles to cash rewards, if you purchase a Tesla product, you’re bound to make some money from it.

Tesla vehicle rewards. Depending on the model and when it was purchased, you can earn anywhere between 1,000 to 5,000 free supercharging miles. In some instances, you stand a chance of winning a Roadster supercar. This applies to their Model S, X, 3 and model Y. The time of placing the order plays a role.

Solar referral rewards. For any solar panel or solar roof that was ordered on or before July 15, 2020, there’s a reward. The referring customer earns $400 while the referred customer earns $100. Lets go green and make some money!

2) Groupon

Groupon is all about coupons and promo codes from your favorite brands. If you want to save on that online course at Udemy or while shopping at Macy’s, Adidas or Walmart. Groupon has something to help you save some cash.

As they serve you with promo codes and coupons, what you may not know is that Groupon also has a referral program. You can earn up to 10% commission as a Groupon affiliate.

3) PayPal Cashback ($10 per referral)

For online shopping, online banking and online wallets, PayPal is a go-to source of online payment. Not only do they make it easy for you to make online payments but they also have a referral program where you earn $10 bonus cash for EVERY friend that signs up for your link!

You can be making money even if you’re not online! You can refer friends online or offline and earn $10 cashback.

4) MyPoints

MyPoints refer a friend

For online shoppers, MyPoints is a good way to earn online cash rewards when you shop online through them. Starting with free points for shopping online, points can be redeemed for online gift cards, cash and more. You earn $10 as a welcome bonus and up to 40% back on every purchase.

And when a friend joins through your link, you earn points that you can convert and use for purchases.

5) Xfinity (up to $175 per referral)

Xfinity is online cable television where you can watch online and stream online. And when your friends join Xfinity online, you earn!

You get up to $175 for every friend you refer online or offline and they make their first purchase online. That’s in addition to the money earned from your online purchases through them! There are bonuses online and for signing up online.

6) ShareASale ($150 per referred affiliate)

ShareASale is the world’s leading affiliate network, with $182 million sales generated in 2020. They have built their business by paying people to refer new vendors to them through this program.

If you know someone who would be interested in starting up an affiliate marketing campaign and they don’t think about ShareAasle as one avenue for success, introduce them!

They pay $150 for every affiliate you refer to them. Even though this might not seem like a lot, if you can get 5 people to sign up you’ll make $750.

7) Payoneer ($25 per referral)

Payoneer affiliate program

Payoneer is an online payment services that allows you to transfer and receive money. It’s one of the most popular payment methods for freelancers and affiliates.

Payoneer operates a referral program where you get paid for referring new clients. They are always happy to have more, so take part in their refer-a-friend and earn up to $25!

For every person you refer to them, they pay you $25. It’s as simple as that. 

8) Airbnb ($50 per referral)

We all know what Airbnb is and how it works. If you love traveling on a budget, you’ve probably used Airbnb to find accommodation.

If you have a friend who could benefit from making money by renting out their spare room online or even their apartment, why not tell them about this great online business opportunity?

They’ll thank you for it later!

Airbnb is a peer to peer online marketplace where people from all over the world can find accommodation that caters to their specific needs. Airbnb is always looking for more hosts and they’re willing to pay you $50 each time you refer a new host to them online online online online online online online online online online online.

9) VigLink (up to 35% of the referral sale)

If you like review sites, you’ll love VigLink. They provide affiliate marketing programs with an easy way to make money from writing your own reviews on your WordPress site!

These online programs are among the best referral programs when it comes to making money through affiliate marketing. It doesn’t matter what you like or don’t like, if there’s something that attracts your interest, why not share it with your friends and get paid for doing so online? You can earn up to 35% of the sale.

10) Get Ambassador (up to 20% commission)

Got friends who want to start a referral program? Refer them to Ambassador and earn up to 20% commission when your referred client signs up.

11) Swagbucks (10% of what referral earns)

Swagbucks offers gift cards (through online surveys, watching videos and online shopping) in exchange for online referrals. You earn 10% of what your referral earns you. It’s quite easy money!

12) Coinbase ($10 per referral)

Coinbase  is an online wallet for online transactions. You can also buy and sell online with their help. When you refer a friend, you’ll get $10 in Bitcoin to your account!

13) Ibotta ($2 per referral)

ibotta affiliate program

Ibotta helps you save online on everything from online shopping to online food ordering. When you refer someone, they’ll pay you $2. It’s absolutely free to sign up.

14) Vindale (up to $10 per survey)

You can do online surveys for cash through Vindale. You earn money online—and when you refer a friend, they will also get a $5 bonus!

15) SoFi ($10+ per referral)

SoFi refer a friend

Have an online business you want to start? SoFi  can help you get a small business online loan. When your friends sign up, you’ll get $10 in cash rewards and they’ll get $10 too! It’s a win for everyone.

16) Rakuten ($30 per referral)

Earn cash back when you shop online through Rakuten.

With online shopping, online food delivery and online banking, Rakuten has everything you need.

When you refer someone, it’s like giving them $30 to spend on online services! If a friend signs up through your link, you earn $30 and they earn $30.

Isn’t that awesome!

And what’s more, if you join today, you get a $10 welcome bonus when you spend $25.

17) Acorns ($5 per referral)

Acorns helps you shop and save online. Sign up if you want to start using online tools to get small amounts of cash here and there online. When you refer a friend, they’ll get $5! You’ll also get $5 for every friend who signs up!

18) Do$h ($10 per referral)

Dosh affiliate program

Do$h rewards you for your every day purchases online. When you refer a friend, they’ll get $10 plus your friend will receive cash back on online purchases. It’s like giving them a discount online!

19) Axos bank ($20 per referral)

Axos bank refer a friend

Axos bank  is online bank that let’s you start online savings account for free. When you refer someone, they get $20 into their new account and you too earn $20 into yours.

20) MrRebates (20% of their rebate) is for online shopping where you get online rebates back in the form of cash when you shop online through them.

You can earn as high as 10% cashback on your online purchases. When your friend buys a product and gets cash back, you will get money from Mr. Rebates, too.

Refer a friend to Mr. Rebates and earn 20% of their rebate!

21) Robinhood

Robinhood affiliate program

Robinhood is online account where you can invest online for free and get cash rewards with online trading too! From stocks and funds, to gold and crypto there are various options for investing with Robinhood. They also have a referral program to help you earn as you invest.

If you have a blog, their affiliate program is a good way to monetize your content. There are no limits to how much you can earn with this particular program.

22) The Uber Refer a friend program

Uber is online ride sharing where you can earn online via referrals or be an online driver yourself and get paid online. For every friend referred, you earn rewards.

Refer a friend and earn money!

You can make money through referral programs!

There are tons of great options out there.

You’re basically just sharing a link or code with someone and getting paid for it. But that’s not the only way you could be earning some cash with these opportunities.

With every friend who joins your program after signing up, you’ll also get to earn more rewards yourself – no extra work required on your part. As an added bonus, if they stay active in their own membership then each one will generate even more profits down the road as well!

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