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If you are bilingual and looking for ways to use your language mastery to earn money from home, we’ve got you covered. We’ll take a look at companies that offer remote translation jobs (translators or translation agencies) and other translation work that can be done from home.

I am often asked about translation jobs from home. Since translation is a universal service, translation jobs and translation agencies abound. What we hope to do here is find translation agencies that are remote-friendly, have nice reviews and offer translation jobs with flexible schedules.

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Translation Jobs

If you do decide to make translation work as a way to earn extra income from home (and it can certainly be done as such), my best advice for you is simply this: be professional, courteous, and organized. You will need those traits in any kind of home job or remote job that you take on, so why not look at translation work as practice for your other endeavors? Comment after comment by those who are looking for translation jobs comes down to the same thing. A work-from-home translation job is not an easy translation job, but it can be rewarding and offer a nice income.

Top Remote Friendly Translation Agencies (US Based)


TranslateMedia has been around since 2009, according to their website. The translation agency offers many translation languages such as Spanish into English translation services, Italian into English translation services, Arabic into English translation services, Polish into English translation services, and up to 100 languages.

Some of the sectors they serve translation for are business translation services, translation services for the court systems, the retail sector, travel translation, medical translation jobs, tech, life sciences, and translation for legal purposes with more than 10 years of experience in the translation industry.

70% of TranslateMedia’s translation team is remote. If you are a translator looking to find translation jobs online from home, this may be a good agency to work with. TranslateMedia is always looking for talented and experienced linguists to join its team. All you have to do is fill out a form with your details and wait to be contacted.


LinguisticTeam is a boutique language service provider (LSP) that offers translation services in many languages like German Translation Services, Spanish Translation Services, Chinese Translation Service s, French Translation Services, and over 55 other languages. 

They also offer multilingual SEO content writing as well as localization services. Most of their translators have advanced degrees or certified translation experience. They also accept any subject or topic translation, translation of legal documents translation and translation of medical documents translation.

LinguisticTeam is always looking for new translators as well as translations reviewers to join their growing team of language specialists. If you are interested in joining LinguisticTeam as a freelance translator or reviewer, you need to apply on their website. If you qualify, they will contact you within 2 business days. If you don’t hear back, you can always reapply at a later date.

Visit their website for more information: 


Founded in 1998, WorldLingo is a translation and localization services company focused on translation into and from the most common languages used by businesses.

WorldLingo is one of a handful of translation companies that primarily use translation memories to manage translation projects, in addition to machine translation tools where appropriate.

In June 2016, Worldlingo launched a new translation management system called Lingobit OS.  The new translation management system includes translation memory capabilities. Enhanced project management tools. Improved workflows for simultaneous translation jobs with remote teams. Online language courses based on professional content such as legal or financial documents. Automated bidirectional document comparisons for quality assurance (QA). E-learning platform with interactive tutorials overseen by certified instructors.

WorldLingo offers translation into/from English, French, German, Chinese, Catalan, Gujarati, Finnish, Greek, Korean, Malay, Kikuyu, Ndebele, Norwegian, Polish, Punjabi among others.


To work for WorldLingo, you must have translation and translation editing experience and be able to type at least 60 words per minute.

If you don’t have any translation or translation editing experience, WorldLingo isn’t the company for you – they only hire translators with at least 5 years of translation or translation editing experience.

WorldLingo is always looking for freelance translators and proofreaders to join their team. They hire in two categories, generalists and specialists. To submit your application, you’ll need to fill out this form.

Working for WorldLingo as a translator means using your language skills to translate documents for non-English speakers so they can read the information that’s relevant to them in their native tongue. They also work with translation agencies that provide translation services in remote areas of the world where there may not be as many English speakers. The pay is $10/hr if you’re translating from English to another language, and $15/hr if you’re translating into English from another language.

Language Services Associates

LSA is a translation company based in PA. This translation agency offers translation services across nearly all languages and subjects; here are the languages they specialize in: Spanish, Chinese (including Mandarin and Cantonese), Russian, French, Portuguese (including Brazilian Portuguese), Arabic, Italian, Japanese, German and Dutch. In addition to translation services LSA also provides language testing for immigration & non-immigration purposes.

This translation agency hires both translators and interpreters (many of whom work remotely from home ). The main qualifications that you need to have are a relevant bachelor’s degree, active membership in good standing with any professional translation or interpreting organization.

You can find their open positions here.


Gengo is one of the oldest translation job sites. It is very well known for its translation work. The site was started in Japan but has expanded to worldwide translation projects.

In addition to translation jobs, there are also translation job opportunities for editors and proofreaders as well. Gengo accepts resumes for remote candidates who live outside the United States or France at this time. You can create a resume once you sign up for an account with them (there’s no fee) and then you can apply when they have new jobs available.

How much does a Gengo translator earn?

The downside of Gengo is that it only pays $0.28 per word of translated content, which isn’t much. According to their online calculator, as a translator, you can earn a monthly average of between $50 – $500. The amount varies across different languages and job availability.

LanguageLine Solutions

Language Line Solutions is a translation and interpretation company founded in 1988. With translation services available in over 180 languages, this translation service provider is one of the industry leaders.

However, being one of the leading translation companies does not mean Language Line Solutions has no work from home translation jobs for bilinguals who are looking to earn money while working from home. They do have remote translation jobs, just as shown on their career page :

This means that if you’re bilingual, you can become a translator with Language Line Solutions. Aside from being educated in English and a second or third language, there are other requirements for one to qualify to work as a LanguageLine interpreter.


  • Strong cultural sensitivity
  • Basic computer skills
  • Efficient memory retention and note taking skills
  • Proper pronunciation and enunciation
  • A pleasant professional voice and demeanor

Technical requirements

  • Download Speed: 5.0 Mbps or more
  • Upload Speed: 3.0 Mbps or more
  • Ping Value of no more than 300 ms
  • Jitter Value of no more than 30 ms

LanguageLine is currently looking for talented professionals based in the United Kingdom, United States, and the Americas. You can find the open positions here


Transperfect is a translation and interpreting company in the United States with offices across 90 countries. With over 25 years in business, Transperfect is among the leading companies in the translation industry. If you want to follow your passion, this is a company you may want to check out.

Transperfect is always looking for freelance translators, proofreaders, and editors in 170+ languages. They cover different industries including, legal, retail, finance, media and entertainment, gaming, life sciences and so much more.

Their translation jobs are very rewarding as they pay $0.06 per source word for translation services. That means you get paid more if your writing is good (well researched). These jobs are on both a retainer basis (monthly payments), and also per project ($$ incentives). 

With Transperfect, there’s no limit on how much you can make, and because they’re located all over the world, your location won’t matter either! Starting translating today at Transperfect could land you that dream job!

To join their global community, fill out your details here

If you are not interested in joining a translation agency but still want to work from home as a translator. Here are other options to consider.

Translation aggregation sites

  • Indeed.com
  • translatorjobboard.com

Professional language association websites

Freelance sites

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • proz.com
  • itranslateit.com

Translation Jobs FAQs

How much do you earn as a translator?

According to translation industry standards, translation jobs have a pay scale that is determined per word. While it varies depending on the translation type and difficulty level, translation jobs generally pay $0.10 – $0.25 for each word you translate. For instance, if you’re translating a 700-page book from English to Japanese, your translation fee could amount to between $700 – $1,500 for this project.

Are there any translation jobs companies I can apply to?


We’ve put together a list of companies that offer remote or online translation jobs for you to be able to work from home as a translator.

  • LanguageLine Solutions
  • Transperfect
  • TranslateMedia
  • WorldLingo
  • Gengo
  • LanguageLine Solutions
  • Transperfect
  • Language Services Associates
  • Upwork
  • Indeed.com

Can translation jobs be done part-time?


Most translation jobs are work-from-home positions that offer the flexibility to work whenever you can.

What languages are in high demand for translators?

Any language can be in demand. It all depends on where you are sourcing for freelance gigs and the type of clients you work for. Some of the most sought-after languages include French, Spanish, Mandarin, Germany.

What qualifications do you need to become a translator?

A degree or post-graduate degree is needed in most cases. Specializing in linguistics or translation will give you an added advantage.


While translation has been around for a long time, translation jobs have never been more in demand than they are right now. This is mostly due to translation being such an essential part of communication today. Since translation is used daily – and constantly improving – translation companies need to hire as many translators as possible to keep up with the pace.

The types of translation jobs available vary widely depending on your language skills and education level, so you must research this thoroughly before deciding on which translation job best suits your needs. The most highly paid translation jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, however, there are also options for people who do not have a college education, but still want to work either part-time or full-time as freelance translators

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