11 Self Taught Skills That Can Actually Make You Money

If you are self-taught, self-employed, or self-directed in any other way, this blog post is for you. There’s no shame in being self-taught. In fact, some of the most successful people in the world have learned their skills without formal schooling.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you 11 self-taught skills that can make money!

Ways to Make Money Without Going to College

1) Youtube Content Creator

This is one of the more popular self-taught skills out there and for good reason. If you’re willing to put in some work and produce quality content on YouTube then it’s possible to make upwards of $10 per thousand views.

2) Blogger

Another self-taught skill that can potentially lead to making money. All bloggers need is an audience (which could come from social media or paid advertising). A successful blogger can also charge for sponsored posts, events, etc…

3) Photographer

This self-taught skill can also lead to making money. There are various ways you could make money with photography including selling prints, stock images, and photos for clients, etc. This is one of the more popular self-taught skills out there and for good reason. Everyone loves a good photo. Be it for professional or personal use, photos are a great way to create beautiful memories.

4) Dog Walking

Dog walking is a self-taught skill in which you walk people’s dogs for them. This self-employment opportunity can be done solo or with a group of other dog walkers as well, meaning that you would split the earnings between everyone involved. Dog walks are often offered on an hourly basis and may include weekends.

5) How To Knit

Knitting is a self-taught skill that can make you money. There are a ton of ways to knit, from making scarves and blankets to hats or dishcloths. You could even start off knitting tiny objects like amigurumi (small stuffed animals). Knitting is also easy because it’s self-directed – meaning you learn by doing!

Aside from selling your knitted stuff, you can offer lessons and knitting courses.

6) How To Code

Learning how to code is self-taught and will set you back at less than $30 for a programming book. It’s not hard, but it does take some time and dedication to learn the basics of coding like HTML or CSS. Once you get past that stage, there are lots of opportunities in front of you.

If you opt for online courses, Codecademy is a great place to get you started in learning more about coding and build some cool stuff. Another resource you may want to include in your toolbox is Coursera.

7) How To Ride A Bike

It might seem self-explanatory, but riding a bike is one of the most useful skills you can have. You don’t need any formal training to be able to ride a bike and there are lots of different types of bikes for many purposes (i.e., kids, cargo-hauling). This is not only a great way to stay fit, but you can use your bike to deliver stuff and get paid for it. With your bike, consider signing up as a delivery guy.

8) Learn A New Language

There are self-taught skills that make money and there are self-taught skills that don’t necessarily pay the bills. Learning a new language is one of those “skills” I think falls under both categories, but with some caveats.

It can be difficult to find work in another country if you do not speak their native tongue. If you can master a foreign language, you take up some paid work as a translator. Or better yet, become an online tutor for kids and adults who speak your second language and want to learn your native language.

9) How To Speed Read

Speed reading is a self-taught skill that can help you read and digest information quicker. It’s not about how quickly your eyes move across the page, but rather using shortcuts to jump between words on the same line so it takes less time for your brain to process them. This will allow you to finish books more quickly because of a faster comprehension.

One way to monetize your skills is to find freelance work that pays you to read books. Write paid book reviews. Or better yet, find freelance proofreading jobs.

10) Jewelry designer

Jewelry designers are self-taught artists who create unique pieces of jewelry from raw materials such as gold, silver, and gemstones. The skills required for this trade can be learned on the job but also through training in a related field like design or engineering.

If you are a creative person, this is a career path worth considering. You can order your supplies from Etsy and Amazon and sell your finished pieces on the same platforms.

11) Motivational Speaker

People often come to self-help speakers for advice and inspiration. If you’re a self-help expert, there’s no better way to make money than by speaking at events or conferences. As long as you’re articulate, have interesting stories of your success (or failures), and know-how to speak well in front of an audience, this is something you can turn into a lucrative career.

What Are Self Taught Skills?

Self taught skills are different from self-taught knowledge, which is usually self-determined. A self-taught skill can be something that someone learned by themselves in their own time or through a vocational school without any guidance on how to do it. Self taught skills could include anything like welding metal and working at an auto shop.

How Do I Put Self Taught Skills On My Resume?

  • Listing self-taught skills on a resume requires some organization.
  • Before listing any self taught skills on your resume, you need to determine if they add value or not. Write down all your skills and determine which ones should be listed in your resume.
  • Where possible, include proof that indeed you have the skills that you claim. This can be in form of a certificate that you earned. Or, a project you’ve worked on that required that specific skill to execute.
  • Self assessment is very important. Understand your level or proficiency in a particular skill before listing it on your resume. This will help you avoid embarrassing moments in front of potential clients.

Why Should I Include Self Taught Skills On My Resume?

Self taught skills are a great way to show experience in an industry.

These skills can be counted as work experience. Say you teach yourself how to code, well then that is coding experience.

Being self-taught is also a way of showing that you are an independent person who is a go-getter. An individual who doesn’t wait to be pushed to get things done.

Including self taught skills on your resume lets your employer know that you are a self-driven individual who is open to learning. Most employers are always looking for someone who can grow with the company. Having self taught skills also shows your employer that you can easily adapt and this could cultivate a vibrant company culture.


The self-taught skills you can make money with are endless. We hope this article has helped encourage you that there’s a way to earn extra income without having to go through the formal education process or start your own company from scratch. It’s time for you to think about what it is that you’re good at and how others might be willing to pay for those talents! What other unique skill would allow you to generate an additional $500-$1000 per month?

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