How to Make More Money as an Actor

Many actors have to make money in order to live. Sure, it would be best if they could just work on acting projects and then go home at the end of the day with a fat paycheck, but that doesn’t happen for everyone. For those who need more income to survive, this article is here to help! It will give you some great side jobs that can supplement your actor salary and keep you afloat while waiting for your next big break.

The best way to make money as an actor is by getting paid work in the first place! It’s important that you have some training and experience before going into auditioning. Check out a few acting schools in your area to get some training and experience before you start applying for work as an actor.

There are many ways that actors can make money between job opportunities, but these methods of making extra cash quickly can be done on the weekends or after hours.

One of the frequently asked questions by newbie actors is how to make money in between auditions. The acting industry is not easy to break in and that’s why many actors find themselves looking for side hustles to supplement their income.

One of the best ways for actors to make more money is by taking on side jobs. There are many things that an actor can do, from working as a waiter or bartender at night and acting during the day, to lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons in the summertime. And there’s always waiting tables!

As an actor, it is important to have a variety of skills. Some are marketable on their own (such as voice acting or stunt work), and others can bring in some extra income – like teaching yoga! Actors are often very fit people who don’t mind going out of their way to help their fellow actors out, so teaching yoga seems like a natural fit.

Best survival jobs for actors

As an upcoming actor who hasn’t made it to Los Angeles yet, you need to be able to survive on the go.

But how do you survive as an actor?

It doesn’t matter whether you are in LA or New York city. Before you acting career picks up , there is a good chance you will need to take on some side jobs.

Some actors are fortunate enough to get an acting agent or talent manager, but most do not have that luxury yet. In this article, we list best side jobs for actors without agents.


As an actor, you probably hope that you’ll be able to get a big break. Maybe as an actor, maybe not. But in order for your best chance of success and making the most money, it’s important to consider modeling gigs on the side. You can find reputable talent agencies through directories like IMDbPro, actors unions such as SAG-AFTRA or by asking other actors who have experience with this kind of work.


Voice Acting

Voice-acting is a good side job for actors that is perfect for introverts who want to work from home. It’s also best suited for those with smaller voices because it requires less projection than other voice jobs like narrating, or storytelling. You can audition and record at your own pace too since you don’t have to work in a crowd. If you have some funds to spare, set up your home studio and start working as a voice actor. This is a perfect late night work at home job that pays well.


If you are an extrovert and took some sales lessons in college, consider working as a salesperson at a makeup store or department store like Macy’s and Bloomingdales. As an actor, chances are you know a thing or two about make up. Use your skills to market the products and earn a commission.

Cinema Ushering

Cinema ushering is one of the best jobs for actors because it’s relatively easy to get and pays at least minimum wage. All you need is a high school diploma, or GED equivalent, so this job can be great if you’re not in college. You’ll also need some customer service skills–you have to deal with different people on a daily basis.

Real Estate Agent

Every actor needs to have a side hustle, and real estate agent is one of the best ways. It helps actors diversify their income stream by being an investor as well as getting corporate work on the side. There are many different benefits from working in this field:

  • The hours can be flexible so you don’t need to worry about running late for your auditions.
  • You can work with different people which will help you grow your social circle.
  • It is an in demand job field meaning that there are more jobs available than actors.

Along the way, agents get experience working on deals and negotiating contracts which will increase their value as an actor if they have to negotiate at some point during their acting career.

become a real estate agent

Social Media Influencer

As an actor, you probably have a good following already. Social media influencers are people who have a large following on social media, and they promote products or brands. You can leverage your followers to promote things for other companies as well.

You may be surprised how much you can make with this type of work.

How much should I charge as an influencer?

In most cases, influencers earn based on their following. They are categorized as nano, micro, mid, macro or mega. While a lot of factors are taken in to consideration when pricing, a lot of influencer marketers use the one cent per 1000 followers rule.

Average cost of an Instagram post in 2021

Type of InfluencerNo. of FollowersRates they charge
Nano1,000 – 10,000$10 – $100
Micro10,000 – 100,000$100 – $500
Mid-tier100,000 – 500,000$500 – $5k
Macro500,000 – 1,000,000$5k – $10k
Rates are per post. Source Later

The best way to know your worth is to talk with other influencers and see how much they charge.

You may be able to make a lot more than you think, just by using the skills that are already available in your acting career.

Once you have established yourself as an influencer, it becomes easier each time because brands will look for you instead of you looking for brands.

Dog Walking

Some actors have a dog or cat, and this can be good for their emotional well-being. However, if you don’t have one of those pets there are still ways to make money with animals: try pet sitting! This is a great side gig because it’s not too physically demanding and most people living in urban areas need some help with their pets especially when they have to travel out of town.

pet sitting

Ride-share Driver

Ride-share driving is a great way to get paid for the time you’re not working as an actor. You can often find work in your area with just one tap on the app and make good money while building up your resume so that when it comes time to audition, you’ll be able to show some experience behind the wheel. Check out ride sharing apps such as Lfyt or Uber to get started.

Food Delivery Driver

One of the best hustle for actors is delivering food. You can set your own hours and work as many or few days a week as you want to best fit with other commitments, including auditions. The best part about working in this industry is that you get tips! In addition to being paid an hourly wage, customers may feel more obliged to tip for good services offered.

Read more about how to become a delivery driver and where to find delivery driver jobs!

Virtual Assistant

You may work best as a virtual assistant, and you can set yourself up for that. You’ll need to find the right company or person who needs an assistant. Consider finding someone with whom you have some kind of connection – this is necessary in order to build trust and good working relationships. A freelance job might be best because it offers flexibility. You can find virtual assistant jobs on websites like Upwork.

Read more on skills and tools for virtual assistant.

Waiting Tables

Take on a waitressing job. Servers can make up to $20 an hour with tips and most people are willing to tip more for good service. Typically, they work four hours per day at the restaurant of their choice. Afterward, you take your earnings home.

waiting tables

Freelance Writing

If you’ve been acting for a while, you may wonder if there are opportunities to make some extra money on the side. Many actors take on freelance writing gigs, and while it can be challenging at first, those who stick with it will find that they’re able to work from home or other places of their choosing when a gig comes up. Script writing might be a good fit as a side hustle.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes are best for actors that have a lot of energy. It can be hard to stay calm and grounded when you’re always on the go, but yoga is perfect as it helps clear your mind while keeping your body in shape. If you like doing other sports such as running or lifting weights then this would also work well. Consider offering lessons to fellow actors or other individuals who want to stay fit.

Video Editor

Video editors make good money and are in high demand. You’ll need to know how to use a variety of video editing software including Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer and DaVinci Resolve Studio. It’s best if you have a bachelor degree in cinematography or film production from an accredited institution. You can also supplement your skills with online courses.


Another good side hustle for actors is tutoring. All you need to do is be good at a subject and know how to teach it, then offer your services as needed or available in local classifieds like CraigList or online on websites like VIPKid. You can also approach local schools about teaching one-time workshops on subjects that they are looking for someone with required skills. Think helping kids bring out their creative side. Or that geometry that you were so good at!

Baby Sitter

One great side job for an actor is a baby sitter! Babysitting can be done at the client’s home or even yours. It pays well and you get to stay in shape by playing with kids all day long. You will also develop your people skills, which helps as an actor because we interact best when we are acting like kids.

Make Some Money!

If you are an actor looking for a way to make money without taking on casting jobs, try modelling or becoming a social media influencer. There is no shortage of opportunities in the entertainment industry and these survival jobs will help keep your acting skills sharp while also providing some income.

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