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Profitable Woodworking Projects for Beginners

There are a lot of expensive and complicated woodworking projects that can be done, but not all of them will turn a profit. In this article we explore 10 profitable woodworking projects for beginners. These projects range from simple to more complicated, but they all have one thing in common: they’re profitable!

woodworking projects for beginners
Image by michio from Pixabay

Most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell

If you’re looking for wood items that you can create and sell at a profit, we’ve got you covered. Here are the top ten woodworking projects that you can create and sell for a profit.

Wooden toys

The market has been flooded with plastic toys. While some may argue that they are cheaper, wooden toys tend to withstand the test of time. If you can make some sturdy, unique toys, you’re bound to make some profit out of your woodworking side hustle. Put your woodworking skills to test and make some beautiful pieces that parents would look forward to buying as presents.

Plant boxes

wooden furniture pieces

If you’re really into landscaping and gardening, this is a great project for your side hustle. With the rising popularity of edible gardens and farmers markets, it’s not surprising to see an increased demand in plant boxes or containers that can be placed outdoors without fear of rotting away after some time.

Furniture pieces

This is a little bit more complicated, but it’s a great way to make money from your woodworking side hustle. The key here is to diversify the type of furniture that you create and sell them accordingly. Some customers might prefer custom-made end tables while others may be looking for unique coffee tables instead.

If you have enough time, patience and persistence, you’ll definitely make some profit out of your woodworking projects.

Wooden coat racks

In today’s market where everyone seems to be obsessed with minimalism, unique coat racks that can add a dash of color and personality in one’s home are definitely something worth looking into.

Bird houses

Building bird houses is an interesting woodworking project which you can do on the side while watching TV or killing time during your free time. Create something beautiful that bird enthusiasts can’t resist buying.

wooden birdhouse

Picture frames

People love to capture memories, so why not create beautiful wooden photo frames that they’ll want to display in their homes? It’s a great project for those who are just starting out.

No need for any complicated designs here.

If you’re really into woodworking, chances are that you have a lot of scrap pieces lying around. Instead of discarding them or burning them up for warmth during the winter season, consider turning those scraps into something useful and sellable like picture frames.

Wooden candle holders

Candles can be very expensive to buy especially if they’re imported. If you’re into woodworking and have the necessary patience to create beautiful candle holders, this is a great opportunity for you to make some profit out of your side hustle.

Wooden toy cars

For those who don’t know how to build wooden toys yet, here’s another project that you can try. Wooden toy cars are great for toddlers, though they can be a little bit tricky to make. If you’re successful in creating your first batch of toy cars, you’ll definitely want to create more in the future since it’s very profitable!

Organization boxes

This is an interesting project that takes patience and good organizational skills when putting things together. However, once you’re done with this, you’ll definitely make a lot of money from your woodworking side hustle.

Put those old scraps to good use and build some wooden boxes that people will be more than happy to buy!

wooden chess board


For those who are passionate about chess, this is a great project to try out. You can create your own design or let your imagination run wild and come up with something unique that customers will find very attractive.

Wooden cutting board

Another great way to add more value in your woodworking projects is by creating a cutting board with your own unique design. It takes time and patience, but once you’re done it will be worth the effort. A great piece that will stand out in your kitchen and that of your potential client.

Wine rack

From wine collectors, to those who just buy a bottle or two at the store, this is an ideal piece to have. Create a wine rack that is different from the rest and that will definitely get people talking.

Phone docking station

A phone docking station that doubles up as a nightstand organizer sounds like a perfect gift for men. If you’re good at woodworking, then here’s another interesting project that will definitely get people talking about your side hustle.

Tool box

Creatives are always looking for something stylish to keep their tools of trade. Why not create an outstanding piece that is both functional and an art piece in its own right?

Wooden stools

Wooden stools don’t have to be boring. Add a touch of flair and design to your stools, and you’ll definitely get people craving for more.

jewelry box
Image by Linda Biggs from Pixabay

Jewelry box

A unique jewelry box is a great gift idea for those who are hard to shop gifts. Create elegant and unique jewelry boxes that your clients will definitely love, and they’ll be more than happy to give you good reviews on all of the social media platforms that matter.

Vacuum flask

Just like with jewelry boxes, it’s always nice finding something beautiful at home that you didn’t even know existed. Create vacuum flasks, and get your clients addicted to them!

Wooden pallet Christmas trees

Imagine a Christmas tree that is unique from the traditional ones people are used to. Design and create quirky, wooden pallet Christmas trees that people will love to decorate their homes with during the holidays.

Wooden crates for storage

A wooden crate is more sturdy. It’s an ideal storage box for those who don’t like the clutter of cardboard boxes. Create a unique wooden crate that is both functional and pretty to look at, and you’ll definitely get people lining up in front of your workshop door!

Rustic Home decor

For those who love rustic home decor, this is a great project. Create unique and decorative pieces that people will definitely want to add in their homes for an overall more interesting look!

Airy wooden boxes

This one’s actually pretty simple to do once you get the hang of it. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, this is it!

Best woodworking projects for beginners

These projects aren’t just profitable, they’re also budget-friendly. For those who are looking to test out woodworking without having to spend too much money on the materials and tools needed for these projects, then this is it! From wooden boxes that can easily be made with scraps lying around your workshop or garage, to wine racks that will help you upsell your wines without any extra effort, these projects are definitely the ones for you!

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