11 Survival Skills That Will Make Money

A survival skill is any natural or learned behavior that helps a person deal with the needs of life, such as human skills like hunting, fishing, and first aid. Survivalism can be an obsession with disaster preparation in response to potential disasters. Some people believe that society will collapse at some point due to lawlessness from the ensuing chaos.

Survival skills are a crucial aspect of life – and in an emergency, they can also be the difference between staying alive or perishing.

The world is ever-changing and no skill is useless to have. You never know what situation you may find yourself in at any given time. Having skills that can help you survive whatever situation is something that does come in handy. You may have learned some skills for the fun of it but you can turn them around and make money from them.

If you’re trying to make money in any situation, you must have the right skills. If you find yourself in a survival scenario and need to live off of your wits, it will be crucial for you to know what works and what doesn’t. If we were all prepared with this knowledge, we wouldn’t have to worry about starvation or wasting our time on fruitless tasks. In this article, I’ll discuss 11 survival skills that can help you thrive when things get tough!

11 Profitable Survival Skills That You Can Monetize

1) Teaching Wilderness Survival

Wilderness survival instructors will typically charge anywhere from $100-500 dollars for an hour class or workshop. This could be a great way to earn extra cash if you enjoy teaching people about the outdoors and want some extra income on the side.

2) Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a skill that can come in handy when you need to defend yourself. It’s also a fun sport to engage in.

Teaching martial arts, taekwondo, for example, is a great way to make money. You can set up your classes in your town or go online and find students from around the world who are looking for someone to teach them through video chat.

3) Working On A Tight Budget

Working on a tight budget is not easy. It can be tough to keep your finances in check when money seems so scarce. Not everyone knows how to survive on limited finances, if you have mastered the art of frugal living, you can share your helpful tips and earn from them in form of a blog or courses.

4) Start A Blog Or YouTube Channel

Start a blog or YouTube channel about survival skills. You can make affiliate money off your page and videos by including products that you use in your creations. This is the most passive way to earn income from this skill set, but it will take some time and effort upfront to get it up and running.

5) Hunting/Fishing

In addition to providing food for you and your family during emergencies, hunting and fishing allow you to make money by selling your catch.

6) Trapping

This is a skill that can be learned relatively quickly and there are enough animals in North America to generate income for months out of the year if you live somewhere close to the wildland.

7) Become An EMT Or Paramedic

Ever found yourself in a situation where your loved one needed emergency care but you are helpless to help? The best thing you can do is be prepared to perform CPR and provide emergency care.

FEMA recommends that all households in the United States should have an Emergency Medical Technician-Basic (EMT-B) course certificate or a higher level of certification. This will allow them to handle medical emergencies until professional help arrives, which could make the difference between life and death.

8) Become A Licensed Massage Therapist

Most people consider massage as something luxurious to engage in. However, this is a skill that can come in handy to save a life. Someone who is suffering from chronic fatigue – physical fitness trainers suffer the most from this – can be saved by a massage therapist. Some fitness trainers pass away due to fatigue. As a massage therapist, if you know the right pressure points to focus on, you can save a life and make money while at it.

9) Become A Guide

If you’ve ever gone hiking and lost contact with your crew, you know how devastating that can be especially if you have no idea how to get back. Knowing how to read maps can come in handy. And if you are familiar with different hiking trails, you can offer your guide services and get paid for it.

10) Write And Sell Books On Survival Skills

If you are an expert in survival skills then write a book on them and sell it on Amazon Kindle. This could be as simple as putting together some information about how to make fires or including illustrations of plants that can help cure ills. You do not need to go into much depth with your instructions for things like making fire because there is already plenty of info out there.

11) Become A Bug Bounty Hunter

Bug bounty hunting is a good way to make money and have some fun at the same time. It’s also an excellent security test for any company who might want to know what their security holes are before someone else takes advantage of them.

No one wants to pay a hefty ransom to a criminal. If you know how to hunt for bugs, this is a great way to turn your skills into a money-making venture.


The key to survival is not only learning how to survive but also making it profitable. Do you have any other skills that make money but can be considered survival skills? Share in the comments below!

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