The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Freelance Makeup Artist

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A freelance makeup artist is a freelance job that any professional makeup artists can do. All you need is to have an interest in learning how to apply makeup and the willingness to practice, practice, practice. If you are thinking about freelance work as a freelance makeup artist but don’t know where to start, this article will help guide you through the process of becoming a freelance makeup artist.

How To Become A Freelance Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, you help your clients look stunning. You make sure they’re satisfied with what they see in the mirror and on their photo reel. Whether they’re getting ready for a photoshoot, a night out, or their wedding day. A career as a freelance makeup artist may be ideal if you want to earn money while maintaining a flexible schedule.

It takes some time and knowledge to get up and running as a new business. We’ve got you covered. Follow these steps to become a freelance makeup artist:

  • Find your niche and assemble your makeup kit
  • Learn how to create an impressive freelance portfolio.
  • Find freelance makeup artist clients.
  • Market yourself online to find freelance makeup artist jobs.

Ready to get started as a freelance makeup artist? Keep reading!

Find your niche and assemble your makeup kit

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As a budding makeup artist, you already have some talents. And if you’ve done makeup for friends before, you know that what works for your skin might not work for others.

Similarly, certain face shapes and characteristics necessitate distinct procedures. Make sure your kit has the necessities as well as a range of colors to help you prepare for clients.

If you’re going to be performing a large number of makeup applications on your clients at once, it’s wise to invest in several sets of brushes. Consider using makeup that is less concentrated if you’re going to be working with someone who has sensitive skin or is newer to make-up. Make sure you have enough towels and solutions for cleaning brushes on the go.

How to identify your niche

find your niche

First, you need to decide what type of freelance makeup artist jobs interest you. If working with brides is more your style, then stick to freelance wedding makeup artist gigs.

A freelance hairstylist can offer a range of services from updos for weddings and formal events to blowouts on the daily basis. Or maybe freelance fashion makeup artist is more your speed.

It’s easier to freelance as a makeup artist if you have one or two specialties that stand out from the freelance mass of beauty experts.

Your freelance makeup kit

makeup bag

Once you’ve chosen what types of freelance jobs interest you. It is time to assemble your freelance makeup kit. Stock up on all the best tools for performing each job type.

Keep your freelance makeup kit stocked with your favorite powder and blush shades for daily wear. An assortment of eye shadows and liners to create a myriad of looks.

Add some waterproof mascara and brow pencils as well as lipsticks in neutral shades that work on anyone.

Last but not least, a stage or free-standing mirror is essential when it comes to freelance makeup artist jobs.

You need to be able to see your work up close and personal. Make sure the mirror you opt for is strong enough for freelance work. It will likely get bumped around a bit during each freelance makeover session.

How do you customize your makeup kit to fit into the type of jobs you want to take on?

Learn how to create an impressive freelance portfolio.

If you want freelance makeup artist clients to hire you, your freelance portfolio must impress. Your freelance makeup artist’s kit is one part of the equation but it won’t get freelance jobs if potential employers can’t see what a great job you do applying makeup!

Every freelancer needs an impressive freelance portfolio that showcases their best work. Now think about your freelance portfolio as a freelance makeup artist. It should include:

  • Images of your freelance work
  • Video testimonials, if possible
  • Your online presence and social media link to help potential clients find you easily. This is the perfect way for freelance makeup artists to advertise themselves.

Now that we’ve covered how to become a freelance makeup artist, let’s talk about freelance makeup artist jobs.

Find freelance makeup artist clients.

How to find freelance makeup artist jobs? Well, it is easier than you think!

Freelance websites

Several freelance websites allow freelance artists like yourself to post their freelance portfolios. This helps potential beauty-related employers to view and hire you for freelance projects if they’re interested.

Search for freelance makeup artist jobs and projects on:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Peopleperhour.com
  • Freelancer.com

We’ve covered how freelance websites can help find freelance makeup artist clients. Freelance websites are a freelance makeup artist’s dream come true!

Now, let’s talk about freelance social media.

Freelance Social Media

In addition to posting your freelance portfolio online via sites like Upwork and Fiverr, you can also use freelance makeup artists’ best friend: LinkedIn. The professional network is an excellent freelance makeup artist resource.

As a freelance makeup artist, LinkedIn is the best way to connect with other freelance artists and freelance employers in your area of expertise!

The site also lets you see who’s viewed your profile so you can track down potential clients. And if they like what they see, it could lead to a lot more freelance makeup artist jobs in the future.

Market yourself online to find freelance makeup artist jobs.

Social Media

Makeup is visual. People appreciate it when they can see it. Go with a social media platform that allows you to post photos and videos that your potential clients can view.

Tiktok and Instagram are your best options.

Freelance Makeup Artist FAQs

How do you become freelance?

Do you freelance full time or freelance part-time?

What are the pros and cons of freelance makeup artisting versus being employed by one company?

These are all common questions that many aspiring freelance makeup artists have. In this guide, we will answer these questions and more so that you can decide if being a freelance makeup artist is right for you.

makeup artist faqs

How do you become freelance?

You freelance by applying to jobs and then working on projects that you are hired for.

For example, a freelance makeup artist could apply to multiple positions such as freelance fashion shows or events like weddings where they would be responsible for the make-up of several people attending these events.

Another common job is freelance photography shoots which consist of shooting photos in a studio or outside for a freelance photographer.

What are the benefits of becoming a freelance makeup artist?

Freelancing has several advantages such as work flexibility, working when you want and where you want, no set hours, etc. You also have more opportunities to meet new people who can be potential clients because freelance makeup artists usually do not stay at one place for a long time.

What are some tips on how to freelance?

You can freelance by applying to jobs on websites like Craigslist or Indeed. You should also network with people in your area who might be interested in hiring freelance makeup artists for their next project. It is always good to keep an updated portfolio of the work you’ve done so that clients know what they are getting into when they hire you.

Do you need a license to be a freelance makeup artist?

While it’s not a must to buy an insurance cover for your freelance makeup artist business, it’s important to have one.

Imagine a scenario where you accidentally stain your client’s expensive wedding gown. They hold you responsible and need compensation. Are you in a position to pay out of pocket? As a freelance makeup artist, the answer is probably no.

This is where insurance comes in handy.

What are the pros and cons of freelance makeup artisting versus being employed by one company?

Being freelance offers you more flexibility than working for a company. However, it can be challenging to land freelance jobs because there is no guarantee that your next job will come through. So, some people prefer having an established clientele with regular freelance work rather than freelance with just a few random jobs.

The pros of being a freelance makeup artist are that you can freelance part-time or full-time and make as much money as your want depending on how hard you work. One downside to freelance makeup artists is having no benefits such as health insurance, paid sick leave, etc.

Being employed by a company means that you have set hours and work for one place. However, freelance makeup artist offers more opportunities to freelance full-time or freelance part-time depending on how hard you want to work. The downside is that many freelance makeup artists do not get the opportunity to freelance because they cannot land an interview with potential clients.

How much can freelance makeup artists make?

There are freelance makeup artists who freelance full-time. Some freelance only when they feel like it. The amount you charge for your services depends on what type of job the client is asking for. How difficult the project will be to complete, etc. So there is no set price in this industry.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average monthly salary of a makeup artist is $3,993.

What type of insurance can you go for?

General liability insurance covers lawsuits filed against you by clients or third parties for bodily injury, property damage, and more.

Worker’s compensation insurance covers injuries sustained while working on the job.

Professional liability insurance covers lawsuits filed against you by your clients due to gross negligence or failure of a freelance makeup artist.

It might be expensive to take on a full year cover if you only work a few days in a month. Shop around for insurance companies that offer on-demand covers.

What does insurance cover? Most insurance covers everything from medical bills, lost wages, and even funeral expenses in the unfortunate event that something happens either during work hours or after business hours.

That’s it for how to freelance as a freelance makeup artist!

Now go out there and get freelance makeovers! We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to become a freelance makeup artist. For more tips on becoming one of the best freelance artists, be sure to subscribe to our blog today!

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