50+ Top Virtual Assistant Services To Offer

What kind of services can I offer as a virtual assistant?

This is a common question asked by virtual assistants who are just starting out or those who want to scale their virtual assistant services.

No matter where you are in your virtual assistant career, I’ve got you covered.

This is an amazing list of virtual assistant services that you can offer to your clients and grow your virtual assistant career.

Want to attract more clients? Or maybe you just want to specialize in a different field from what you are currently offering as a virtual assistant. Read on to get ideas on what you can offer.


I started working as a virtual assistant in 2008.

I got this idea from a colleague to check out Upwork. I assigned up – back then it was easy to get an account unlike now.

I wasn’t sure what to offer. I was good at transcription but wanted to scale to something else, learn new skills.

My first virtual assistant client was a personal coach based in Australia. This guy was just awesome. He would guide me on how to do some of assigned tasks until I was comfortable handling it on my own. The pay wasn’t great, but the experience was worth it.

Fun fact – my virtual assistant work made me sign up for a Facebook account. Something I had been reluctant about for a while.

It’s been years and I’ve handled different tasks from email handling, social media, voice narration, recruitment among others.

With every client, I get to learn something new.

Tip – if you want to excel as a virtual assistant, you need to be open to learning and adopting different tools and skills as you go.


Only your imagination can limit you on the type of virtual assistant services you can offer. If you are willing to learn, you can scale your virtual assistant career and offer tons of services.

To help you get started and choose, I’ve listed a ton of virtual assistant services in this article that you can choose from. Some may be familiar to you while others might give you the uhuh moment.

I’ll break this into various categories and you may realize that some of the VA services overlap into other categories.


Administrative Tasks

As a virtual assistant you’re likely going to be working on admin related tasks. Business people are always looking for help with these day-to-day tasks. Offering these virtual assistant services allows them to focus on building their business.

  1. Organizing emails
  2. Research
  3. Organize calendars
  4. Booking travel and accommodation
  5. Scheduling meetings
  6. Provide customer service
  7. Social media management
  8. Answering phone calls
  9. Creating job listings
  10. Ordering, packaging and sending gifts
  11. Blog comment management (this may involve moderating and responding to blog comments)
  12. Creating PowerPoint presentations as per instructions
  13. Setting appointments
  14. Taking minutes during meetings
  15. Following up on leads
  16. Managing online communities this may include forums
  17. Creating resumes
  18. Screening guest posts
  19. Giveaway management
  20. Project management
  21. Recruiting and training new team members
  22. Researching and brainstorming new ideas for blog posts, products
  23. Transcription
  24. Brainstorming business strategy
  25. Event planning and management
  26. Optimizing blog posts before they are published. This may include creating and adding relevant images, CTAs (Call to Actions)
  27. Managing blog editorial calendar
  28. Translation
  29. Editing and uploading YouTube videos
  30. Arranging interviews
  31. Repurposing content this may involve turning a blog post into a social post or a video into a blog post.

 Creative Writing

If you are the creative type, here’s a list of some more virtual assistant services you can offer. In this digital age a lot of businesses want to have an online presence, unfortunately not everyone has the time and creativity to writing a compelling blog post or eBook.

If you can offer them an easy way to convert their thoughts into a written format, then you’ll have yourself a few extra clients to offer your VA services.

  1. Ghostwriting
  2. Writing blog posts
  3. Website copywriting
  4. Product description for online stores like shopify
  5. Crafting social media posts for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram
  6. Editing
  7. Proofreading books, blog posts
  8. Writing newsletters, email copy
  9. Transcribing audio or video recordings
  10. Podcast scripting
  11. Writing grant proposals

Social Media

If your social media account has been lying idle maybe its time to reactivate it. Spruce it up and start posting relevant content.

When you are researching a product, you’re most likely going to check out a company’s social media handles to read reviews from other users and get a feel of what you are interested in.

With most business striving to have a social media presence, you can offer your services as a virtual assistant handling their social media accounts.

  1. Managing Facebook groups and pages
  2. Creating Facebook ads
  3. Creating and managing Pinterest accounts
  4. Creating Pinterest pins
  5. Scheduling Pinterest pins via Tailwind
  6. Creating and scheduling social media posts
  7. Setting up and managing LinkedIn accounts
  8. Setting up and managing LinkedIn groups and pages
  9. Designing social media graphics
  10. Creating and managing Instagram accounts
  11. Creating and managing Instagram posts
  12. Offering social media support – responding to messages on social media
  13. Creating and managing Twitter accounts
  14. Creating social media polls
  15. Curate content for social media
  16. Monitor for keywords
  17. Engage with influencers
  18. Social media goal setting
  19. Perform a social media audit

Graphic Design Services

Good graphics are good for the eye. Photoshop is a favorite tool. However, if you don’t have the tech know how you can try out Canva. Canva has both free and paid version that lets you create stunning graphics. The paid version has additional features like transparent backgrounds.

  1. Designing printables
  2. Creating logos
  3. Offer branding services for companies
  4. Creating social media graphics
  5. Designing eBooks
  6. Designing graphics for print on demand
  7. Designing flyers, business cards, restaurant menus
  8. Creating slides for workshops
  9. Designing Pinterest pins and other social media graphics
  10. Creating website graphics

Marketing Services

Every business wants their brand known. And that’s how marketing comes in. if you have the skills to help businesses reach a wider audience, you can consider offering marketing services in your virtual assistant services bundle.

  1. Coming up with a marketing strategy
  2. Promoting courses, eBooks, membership subscriptions
  3. Pitching brands
  4. Lead generation
  5. New product launch
  6. Managing ads – Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads
  7. Promoting blog content
  8. Writing press releases
  9. Setting up sales funnels

Research Services

If you were to launch a product or service, you’ll want to know what the world actually needs. This helps businesses not to do things blindly and hope for a miracle.

Even writing an article you’ll need to do a bit of research to know what your potential audience want to hear. Here are some research services you can offer as a virtual assistant.

  1. Keyword research
  2. Product research
  3. Vendor research
  4. Accommodation research
  5. Travel research
  6. Researching speaking opportunities
  7. Market research
  8. Event research
  9. Sponsorship research
  10. App research
  11.   Researching on potential customers
  12. Competitor research
  13. Licensing research
  14. Hashtag research
  15. Product price comparison research
  16. Researching podcast guests
  17. Researching and summarizing information
  18. Patent research
  19. Researching local laws and regulations
  20. Academic research
  21. Research on potential Venture capital firms
  22. Research and apply to affiliate marketing programs
  23. Research guest posting opportunities
  24. Printer research
  25. Research shipping companies

Bookkeeping Services

Good at crunching those numbers? Why not help your clients with some bookkeeping tasks. There are several online tools like QuickBooks that can help you get the job done. Got the knowledge, here’s a list of virtual assistant bookkeeping services you can offer:

  1. Bookkeeping
  2. Payroll
  3. Invoices
  4. Processing orders and refunds

Tech Related Services

Not everyone is lucky to know the tech side of things. Clients are always looking to outsource the tech side of their businesses to ease the pressure and get things done right.

Most websites run on WordPress and Square Space. If you are good at these two, here’s a list of other virtual assistant services you can offer your clients.

  1. Creating and maintaining websites
  2. Optimizing website for SEO
  3. Setting up UTMs to track website traffic
  4. Creating and setting up newsletter opt in forms
  5. Performing website security and backups
  6. Installing and updating website plugins
  7. Shopping cart installation and maintenance
  8. IT support
  9. Systems automation
  10. Creating online courses
  11. Coding
  12. Managing ads
  13. Publishing books for self-publishing authors
  14. Creating and managing customer databases
  15. Designing and maintaining ecommerce sites
  16. Migrating email lists to a new email service provider
  17. Setting up Google analytics
  18. Podcast editing
  19. YouTube video editing
  20. Formatting blog posts
  21. Setting up secure websites (https)
  22. Tracking and fixing website broken links

As earlier promised, here is an intensive list of potential virtual assistant services you can offer. Don’t limit yourself, go out, horn your skills and grow your virtual assistant career.


Look at what you are already offering. What is it in your niche that you believe can be a good add on that would be of value to clients? If its doable, go ahead and put in the work to learn how to do it.

Don’t be a jack of all trades. It’s tempting to take on everything your client needs help with. However, some things are not worth the trouble. If for example your client wants an ecommerce site designed, and you have no clue how to do it, its not worth the effort to enroll for web development classes. Advice your client to hire a web developer and you manage the project on their behalf.

Never stop learning. Enroll for online courses that you can take at your own pace that will help you improve your skills and learn new ones.

You are a VA. You probably took on this role because you wanted that freedom to do what you love. Don’t take on tasks that you dislike for the sake of money. They might be tempting at the start but might hinder you from taking on new clients with tasks that you love in the future.

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