10+ Creative Gifts to Inspire and Support the Creatives in Your Life

Do you know someone creative?

A writer, artist, designer, or musician?

If so, what are you getting them for Christmas this year?

You don’t want to get them something that is just generic and uninspired.

As you think about what to get for the creative people in your life, it can be hard to come up with something. You want them to have something special and meaningful, but finding just the right thing can be a challenge.

What To Gift A Creative Person

I have compiled a list of 10+ gifts that they will love!

#1. A set of personalized pens in their favorite color.

Help your friend organize their thoughts with the perfect pen.

#2. A day pass to the local art museum.

Let your loved one see some beautiful artwork without breaking the bank. A day at the museum is the perfect gift for artists!

#3. An inspirational quote poster framed in their favorite color.

There are plenty of sites out there where you can find an inspiring quote customized to meet your needs.

#4. Waterproof notebook.

Perfect for the writer who takes their notebook everywhere. Creative people get inspired anytime anywhere including the shower. Having a waterproof notebook will help them jot down ideas when they spring up.

#5. Chalkboard wall sticker.

Give inspiration a physical form by decorating their walls with chalkboard paint or a wall sticker that says “dream big”. This will give them the chance to write down ideas when they come to mind.

#6. Printer.

A great gift for the creative on your list who loves to print out their projects. You can find printers that are compact enough to be portable or ones that fit into tight spaces like under the desk.

#7. Gratitude journal.

A gratitude journal is a great way to practice mindfulness and positive thinking. Start your morning off right by writing down all the things you are thankful for before getting out of bed.

You can find these types of journals at any bookstore or craft store! They come in many different styles, colors, shapes, and sizes so there’s something for everyone.

This will help them stay focused on the positive things in their life and keep negativity at bay!

#8. Solar photography kit.

You can give them the gift of creativity this year by getting them a solar photography kit. This will allow them to take amazing pictures because they are able through exposure and aperture to make their images unique!

This is a fun way for creative people to express themselves in a new way.

Anything you get someone who loves doing something creative should be meaningful and thoughtful.

A gift that they can use to create something beautiful will always be appreciated.

#9. Jigsaw puzzle.

Puzzles are a great way to stimulate the mind and keep it strong. Solving puzzles can help with cognitive function, problem-solving skills, memory recall abilities, visual tracking ability, focus, and attention span.

A puzzle is an activity that anyone at any age can enjoy doing together which makes them all-around fantastic gifts for artistic friends.

#10. 360 degree camera.

One of the best gift for creative person who is into photography.

Help your loved one capture their view of the world in a whole new way with this gift. A 360-degree camera allows them to take photos that can be seen from every angle just by swiping or clicking around on an image. This is fun for anyone who loves taking pictures and sharing things on social media, but also gives more depth than a normal photo.

This gift will allow them to show their perspective in a different way.

#11. Timeular time tracker.

The perfect gift for the creative person who is always on time.

This small device will help them keep track of their time and make sure they are not working too much or neglecting family. This way every minute can be accounted for.

A great gift that shows you care about your loved one’s health, well-being, and happiness.

A gift that will keep them on time and organized.

#12. Noise canceling headphones.

Give them the gift of silence with these noise-canceling headphones.

This will allow them to focus on their work, finish projects faster without distractions from outside sources. This is great for anyone who likes working in coffee shops or even at home while children are playing around because it blocks out all other sounds that may be distracting and allows your loved one to get things done.

This is the perfect gift for that person who always has something on their mind or just likes to have a clear head when they are working.

#13. Dot Grid notebook.

A dot grid notebook is perfect for the creative who loves to draw. It allows them to focus on drawing lines instead of worrying about accidentally ripping through pages or writing off-centered.

This is a great gift idea because it shows you care and want your loved one’s work of art, doodle, or sketchbook to turn out perfect.

This is a gift that will keep their creative work protected and safe from harm.

#14. Foot rest and massager.

The perfect gift for the creative person who has to stand up all day or sit at their desk for a longer time.

A footrest and massager is exactly what they need when they get home from a long, hard day of working. The best part about this gift is that it can be used in different ways depending on their needs at the time or where they are feeling pain.

This is a great gift for your loved one who has to stand up and work all day, but also needs it when they are at home relaxing after the kids go to bed or during their favorite TV show.

A comfortable way of supporting them through life’s daily tasks.

#15. Printing 3D pen.

A gift that will inspire creativity and help them make things out of thin air.

The printing pen allows the creative person to draw anything they want with plastic instead of ink. They can create sculptures, models, toys, or any other object they desire just by writing it into existence. This is a great way for your loved ones to unleash their imagination and let their creativity go wild.

This is a gift that will allow your loved ones to bring out the artist inside them and make anything they want, even if it’s just for fun.

#16. Gourd Thumb Piano.

The perfect gift for the creative person who loves music.

This is another instrument that your loved ones can use to unleash their creativity and make beautiful songs out of sounds they create themselves. This also helps them get in touch with their inner musician while practicing coordination, focus, and even hand-eye coordination all at once.

A simple way of encouraging musical creativity.

A gift that will help them show the world their hidden talent.

#17. Zip Pouch for traveling

The best gift for the creative person who loves to travel.

This is a simple and effective way of keeping all their most important belongings in one safe location that they can easily carry around with them wherever they go. This is especially great because it also keeps everything organized and easy to find, meaning less time spent digging through bags looking for things and more time to enjoy the world around them.

This is a gift that will help your loved ones travel in style while keeping everything they need close by at all times.

A great way of being prepared for anything life throws their way, no matter where they are or what kind of adventure awaits them on the other side.

#18. Durable wax apron with pockets.

The best gift for creative girl who likes to work with their hands.

This is a great way of helping your loved ones stay clean and tidy, even when they are working on projects that require them to get messy. This simple addition will help keep all those little spills off clothes so there’s no need to worry about stains or ruining their outfit.

This is a gift that will help your loved ones stay clean and organized while working on projects they enjoy.

A practical way of helping them get the job done without having to worry about annoying messes or stains later on.

#19. Overhead lamp.

The perfect gift for the creative person who likes to work in low light or at night.

This is a great way of helping them get more done through darker hours, while also saving energy and money on their electric bill since this lamp only requires a few simple batteries instead of using up all that power. This will help your loved one stay in the zone without having to worry about getting up and turning on lights or lamps every few minutes.

This is a gift that will help your loved ones stay focused even when they are working at night or through darker hours.

A simple way of helping them get more done while also saving money on their bill so there’s no need to worry about how much they are spending to keep their lights on.

#20. A book of quotes.

The best gift for the creative person who loves to write.

This is a great way of inspiring them when they are having writer’s block or just need some motivation to keep going through long hours of work and late nights in front of their computer screen. This simple book will help provide your loved ones with words that can speak to their soul and help them remember why they got into this field in the first place.

This is a gift that will give your loved one inspiration when writing feels impossible or daunting.

A simple way of helping them stay motivated even through long hours, by reminding themselves what inspired them to become writers in the first place.

#21. Cheer them on

Finally, the best gift for any creative person is to simply support their work and cheer them on.

Nothing makes a bigger difference than simple encouragement from friends, family, or even strangers who take an interest in what your loved one creates. The greatest thing you can do for someone when it comes to creativity is to let them know that they are doing a good job and that they are not alone in this journey.

This is the best way to help them feel supported so their dreams become a reality, no matter what it takes or how long it might take for their hard work to pay off. Nothing means more than knowing someone has got your back when you’re on an adventure of self-discovery so be sure to give your loved one the encouragement they need no matter how many times it takes.

Happy Shopping!

These are some creative gifts to inspire and support the creatives in your life, both hobbyist or professional alike. Each one is unique and special for different reasons but all of them make great gifts because they allow someone’s inner artist to come out and shine.

Whether finding something really practical or silly, any of these presents would be much appreciated.

There are many different types of creative people out there, but they all have one thing in common: their passion for what they do is something to be admired. Show the artist you know how much you care by getting them a special gift this year. Something with a meaning behind it.

Let’s keep the conversation going

Have a friend who loves to create? What are you getting them as a gift this year?

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