Tips to Attract Big Customer Support Clients Online – Become a Top Provider

Customer service jobs are hot, and with good reason. Customer support has gone from being a low-status job to a sought-after position that nearly every company is looking for. With the advent of social media, customer service has become more of an art than ever before; it’s not just about answering questions anymore – you need to be able to deal with people on all channels and in real time or else they will go elsewhere. One way to do this is by becoming a top provider of customer support services online.

How can I can attract big customer support clients without physically meeting them?

win customer support clients like a pro

7 Ways to Attract Big Customer Support Clientele:


Blogging about technical topics or responding to blog comments from a customer service perspective can be an excellent way to establish yourself as a leader in your field. Whenever you blog, be sure to include customer service as a keyword so that your content is easy to find.

Find your Niche

The customer service niche is a crowded space, so it’s important to find your own unique angle. Before you start writing blog posts or creating content, research what the customer support experts in your industry are saying on social media and networking sites like LinkedIn. You should also check out their website for any tips they may be offering that no one else is acting on.

Do Your Research

Before pitching to a particular client, do some research about their company and where possible their needs. Familiarize yourself with the industry.

Identify the Key Person

To win clients, you need to know who the decision makers are in a particular company that you are pitching to. Once you identify them, get to know the best way to contact them. Block out time in your calendar and schedule a meeting or phone call to pitch your idea.

Pitch Smarter

Start by crafting an “elevator pitch” for your customer support skills and customer service experience. This is a short, clear summary of what you can offer potential clients to help them understand the value of hiring you as their customer service provider. It should be no more than one or two sentences long.

pitch smarter

Offer Ethical and Social Incentives

What incentives can you offer to your clients? Identify incentives both social and ethical that you can offer to your clients that others may find hard to do. This will help you stand out from the crowd.

Be Professional, Show Expertise

Be professional and show expertise. Clients will respect your work more when they see that you know what you’re talking about. The way you present yourself, your communication style shouldn’t be anything short of professional. Your website, social media handles and overall presence should present a professional image.

You’ve been pitching your ideas or doing research and finally landed a few clients who are willing to work with you. How do you ensure business thrives?

Achieving Success as a Customer Service Representative

Learn from your initial clients

If you have clients that are happy with your work, ask them for feedback. What do they like about working with you? Did any of the tasks you worked on together make their job easier or more enjoyable? You should also get an idea from these people what it is they dislike about working with other customer service providers and learn how to avoid those. To progress as a customer service representative you need to be open to learn and take feedback positively.

Be Clear About Your Services

Be Clear and Concise about your Services. Customers are not going to want to read a lot of text, they will skim over it looking for clarity on what you offer. Give them the gist in clear language that is easy to understand so they can decide if its worth reading more or just scrolling down and finding another provider with less content.

If you are applying for jobs on online marketplaces such as Upwork, make sure your proposal clearly highlights your skills. Also ensure your skills are clearly outlined in your profile.

Be Consistent

When you take on a project, do your best to make sure it aligns with the skills that are most important for you. Before bidding or accepting any kind of job offer, consider how much time and energy will be needed in order to complete said assignment successfully. You don’t want to end up with disappointed clients and bad reviews.

Discuss You Terms and Conditions

Before you get started, it is important that you create your own customer service terms and conditions. You should have them written out in a way to best suit the needs of you and your company. This includes everything from how long customer support requests are responded to by customer representatives all the way down to what type of abuse or harassment will not be tolerated. Make sure your clients are on the same page with you. This will help you avoid any conflict in future.

Be Realistic

As much as you would love to take on lots of projects, you need to be realistic on what you and your team can comfortably handle. This will help you from feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

When it comes to customer service jobs, your first priority should be the customer’s needs and not yours. You need to ensure they are satisfied by giving them what they want (quickly) without sacrificing quality of work. So make sure that is a top priority in customer support jobs before taking on any additional projects.

Learn To Say No

While it’s exciting to move to the interview process, be keen on what the project entails and look out for any red flags.

  • Is customer service involved?
  • What is the timeframe for delivery?
  • How many hours per week are expected of you?

If customer service or customer support is included in this project, make sure to do some research on what it entails. Read up on customer service skills and potential requirements before committing to anything that doesn’t feel like a good fit.

Some customer service jobs pay by the hour, and some are paid per project. If customer support in involved, know what to expect before signing on to a long-term contract with an hourly wage that’s low for your area (or not sufficient based on the hours needed). Hourly wages might be lower than expected because customer service is often undervalued.

If anything doesn’t tick for you, learn to say NO.

Don’t take on projects for the sake of it. Only go for what you are comfortable with.


Communication is the name of customer service, and that’s especially true when you work as a customer support rep.

You’ve gone through the interview, won the project and work has started. That shouldn’t signal the end to communicating with your client. Leave communication lines open and be adaptable to change as long as it’s within your work boundaries.

Go Win Some Clients!

The key to being successful with customer support services is understanding your clients and what they need. If you can provide a service that solves their problems, then you will have more success as well as happier customers. These tips should help make the process of attracting big clientele easier for you on your own or if you’re hiring someone else to do it all for you. Remember that every single one of these points are just suggestions so feel free to tailor them any way that works best for your business!

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