15 Places to Find Freelance Photography Jobs

Everyone seems to be working from home lately.

Are you a photographer who has been searching for freelance photographer jobs but can’t seem to figure out where or how to start? There are a good number of work at home photography jobs for experienced and beginner artists to get you started.

Thanks to technology, most of us own a smartphone with a pretty decent camera. If you know how to capture those valuable moments and want to transform it into a side hustle, read on.

Photography is not only a fun career but a great way to experience nature and interact with various people and places. As a freelance photographer, you not only get paid but also have a chance to learn and build your portfolio.

In this article, I’m going to look at places where you can make money as a freelance photographer, whether you are a beginner or experienced photographer, there definitely something for everyone.

Where To Find Freelance Photography Jobs

where to find freelance photographer jobs

#1. Industry specific job boards.

There are several industry specific jobs boards that cater to photographers and creatives in general. The reason why this is a good place to start your search is because, the list is curated for a specific industry – photography. This saves you a lot of wasted time sieving through leads that are not geared towards your skills.

Another reason to search on industry specific job boards is that clients and hiring managers who visit these jobs are looking for exactly what you are offering.  And, this makes it a win-win situation for both.

Here’s a list of industry specific job boards to find freelance photographer jobs to get you started:

The Creative Loft

This is a premium job listing site for creatives in various industries. A good place to search if you are looking for opportunities in fashion, interior design, photography, entertainment, graphic design etc.

Get Photography Jobs

This job board allows you to search for photography jobs by location or keywords. You can save your search parameters or sign up to their email list to get weekly job listings. When you find a listing that interests you, click on the link and you will be redirected to where you can submit your application.

Photography Jobs Online

This is a membership type of site, where you pay a monthly fee to post your photos. Though there is no guarantee of your photos being sold, if your images are in demand, you’ll make a decent pay out of it.

Their membership includes, the basics of photography ebook, digital camera tutorial videos and photo editing software. If you are just starting out in your freelance photography career, this will help you gain some valuable experience.

Cruise Ship Jobs

Imagine spending time on a cruise ship, doing what you love and making some money out of it. As a cruise ship photographer, you will be required to take photos of guests, the captain, around dining room tables and even accompanying passengers on land tours.

#2. Freelance job boards

You can also find freelance photographer jobs on freelance job boards. Freelance job boards may not offer what industry specific job boards offer but they are also a good option to find photography jobs.

Some of the best freelance job boards to find your next photography job include:

Here are other places you can find online photography jobs from home.


This is a photo stock company that allows you to upload your photos and get paid per download. You can earn anywhere between 15% to 40% depending on the number of images sold per calendar year. Shutterstock also hires image reviewers and you have to have a great eye for photography to qualify.


If you are into home photography, you need to check out Obeo. You can earn up to $200 per assignment.

PR Photos

PR Photos pays you to capture photos of celebrities.


Snapwire is a company that connects freelance photographers to brands. As a creator on the platform, you can choose to build your portfolio or get hired to shoot for brands. If you participate in photo challenges and your photos get picked, they will be available for purchase.

Look Better Online

This is a company that hires photographers to capture online dating photos. If you have great camera skills and you can work well with people, check them out.


This is a greeting card company that hires photographers and writers. To qualify, you will need to submit your samples to their address. If they are accepted, you will be contacted. Check their guidelines before submitting your work.

FAQs For Freelance Photographers

How Do I Become A Freelance Photographer?

Like any other business, to become a freelance photographer you need to have a plan. Whether you are a beginner photographer or an experienced one who is venturing into freelance photography, here’s a list of things to keep in mind.

Find you niche. Photography is a wide market. If you really want to make some good money out of it, you need to niche out.

Invest in photography equipment and software. As a beginner photographer you may be short on cash and not able to afford the high-end gear. You can look at options like renting the photography equipment for a day to help you get the job done. For software you can start out with the free online options to help you edit your photos.

Set your price. Talk to other photographers and find out what they are charging. Find out the industry rates and know how to price yourself. You can come up with different packages to suit different clients.

Market your business. Its not a secret that you won’t get hired for that photography gig unless you get yourself out there and let people know what you can do. You can market yourself on social media, or start a blog.

Grow your portfolio. As a beginner photographer, you may not have much to showcase. But having a portfolio increases your chances of landing a photography gig. So work on it.

Do You Need A License to Be A Freelance Photographer?

Different states have different laws on business permits. Like any other business, as a freelance photographer you will be required to pay for a business license in order to operate. Check with your local government for more details on the requirements.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Become A Photographer?

Whereas there are college and university courses to help gain photography skills, in most cases you don’t require any formal qualifications to become a photographer. If you are creative with a good eye, you should be able to capture some great photos worth being paid for.

What Type Of Photography Is In Demand?

Family photography takes the day. Every day, families change, and there will always be a need for a family photograph to capture both the happy and sad moments.

Are you a freelance photographer? Share with us how you started and any helpful tips for those who are looking to start their freelance photography career.

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