Remote Jobs That Pay 100 Dollars An Hour Or More

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Building wealth requires money. And the fastest way to get money is to find a high-paying job.

Today, we’re looking at how to make 100 dollars an hour.

A few years ago, finding a job that paid 100 dollars an hour, was close to impossible. Especially one that allowed you to work remotely. Things seem to be changing a bit and most companies are embracing the work-from-home culture.

This has in turn uncovered lots of jobs that pay 100 dollars an hour or more and can be done remotely. In this article, we are going to look at various jobs that can earn you $100 or more. Some don’t require a degree while others are traditional jobs that offer the flexibility of not being tied to an office.

What jobs pay $100 an hour?

There are two categories of $100 per hour jobs. We’re going to look at a mix of both.

Category A is 100 dollars per hour gigs, where you earn a steady income of $200,000 or more a year.  Category B, you don’t have consistent work, your pay is not fixed. However, if you market yourself well, you can earn way above $100 an hour for your skills.

In the traditional setup, to earn $100/hr, one needed to be highly educated, have an MBA or a high-value degree. However, times have changed, and several niches only require specialized knowledge, talent, and a go-getter attitude.

If you’ve been wondering what career path to follow, here’s a great resource to help you find jobs that pay up to $200k a year or more.

What Remote Jobs Pay $100 An Hour?

Looking for a remote job that pays $100 an hour? Here’s a highlight of some great careers that allow you to work from home and pay well. And what’s more? Some don’t require a degree.


If you are looking at how to make 100 dollars without a degree, copywriting is among the few jobs that pay that much.

Copywriters are always tasked to write copy that can persuade customers to make a purchase or take a particular action.

As businesses move towards having a digital presence, copywriters are increasingly in high demand. Experienced copywriters earn thousands an hour. But like any other job, you may start low and build your portfolio as you increase your rate.

Freelance Writer

A freelance writer can make $100 an hour or even more. This largely depends on your skillset and your specialized niche. As a freelance writer, you can make 100 dollars an hour seated in a café in Thailand.

Freelancing has been growing over the past few years, with all the perks that come with it, a lot of individuals with diverse skills talent have been embracing it.

Most people can write, but not everyone can write compelling articles that are user-focused and SEO-friendly at the same time.

However, the freelance market is competitive, to stand out as a freelance writer, you’ll need to have a top-notch profile to attract clients who are willing to pay top dollar for your writing services. A great way to showcase your portfolio is to have a blog. Bluehost offers some good starter packages to help you get started with your blog.

Earning $0.2 per word isn’t unheard of. If you are a seasoned writer who can deliver 600 to 1000 words in an hour, you’ll make 100 dollars or more as a freelance writer.

Freelance writing is another great remote job that pays 100 an hour without a degree. While a degree in journalism might give your profile a boost, it’s not usually a requirement to make it as a freelance writer.

Simultaneous Interpreter

Have you ever watched a United Nations conference? During these meetings, you’ll notice the attendees wearing headsets. These are people from across the globe, who speak different languages and may not necessarily understand the speaker’s language.

As the speaker delivers their speech, it is instantaneously interpreted to the recipient in their language.

With zoom meetings becoming the norm, simultaneous interpreters are increasingly in high demand.

According to Comparably, simultaneous interpreters earn as low as $15k and as high as $401k with the median salary at $79,000.

Formal education is not a must to work as a simultaneous interpreter however knowledge of multiple languages is a must. Some language pairings earn you more than others.


Got a way with words? Maybe you should consider blogging. Bloggers make anywhere from $0 a month up to $200,000 a month. While the other options you only need to find a client, get hired, and start earning, blogging a bit different.

Some bloggers start earning in their third month, while others take years to make their first dollar. You can make money as a blogger in different ways.

As a beginner, you can sell courses. If you are good at something that you believe your audience can benefit from, you can create a course and sell it. Once your blog has some decent traffic, there are other ways to monetize such as becoming an affiliate or joining ad networks.

Blogging doesn’t require a degree per se, however having some knowledge in writing, marketing, WordPress or website design can help you scale faster.  

Product Reviewer

Do you enjoy trying out new products?

Got an eye for details? Can you be able to point out the pros and cons of a particular product without being biased? You should consider a career as a product reviewer. Knowing a particular niche is an added advantage.

As a newbie product reviewer, you’ll need to cultivate a fan base by reviewing several products and posting reviews on your channel. This can be a blog or a YouTube channel. While it might be tempting to review every product that you come across, sticking to one niche can help you build your credibility. In the beginning, you may land gigs that pay per product but as you grow, chances are you’ll land a well-paying gig with a top company and start earning over $100 an hour.

No higher education is required to become a product reviewer.

Personal Development Coach

If you love helping people achieve their dreams, pursuing a career as a certified coach is a great option. Personal development coaches focus on helping people in areas such as personal finance, relationships, health, and wellness and make 100 an hour or more.

Obtaining a certification is a great way to get started in this career. However, some life coaches are self-taught and draw on their personal experiences to help others overcome various obstacles in their life.

Depending on which path you want to pursue, there are various certifications you can choose from. These include communication, fitness, financial management, leadership development, and business coaches.

To succeed as a life coach, you need to be able to offer your clients workable strategies. You need to offer them value and help push them towards their goals. If you can do this, and your clients are happy with the results, charging $100 an hour or more is achievable.

Freelance Photographer/Videographer

Like other freelance jobs, you may not charge much as a newbie. But, as you build your portfolio and continue delivering great work, your rates will increase with time.

You may even start by doing free or low-priced photos and videos for friends and family. After building a name for yourself, you can charge thousands of dollars to cover a wedding, a birthday party, or other special events.  

Public Speaking

Do public speakers get paid? The answer is yes and no. It all depends on whether you want to do it for free or you want to be compensated for your time.

As a public speaker, you can make 100 an hour or even more. New York best sellers and Fortune 500 CEOs net up to $50,000 or even more per speaking engagement.

As a beginner public speaker, you may earn as low as $0 and scale up as you progress. The beauty of this career path is the flexibility. Use your experience as a starting point and build on it.

Tattoo Artist

Tattoo artists charge as high as $300 an hour or more.

Beginner tattoo artists may charge a low rate as they try to make a name for themselves. But once established, finding an artist that charges below 100 an hour is not easy. If you are good at drawing, you may consider a career as a tattoo artist.

Massage Therapist

We all love a good relaxing massage after a busy day or a long journey.

The best hands earn that can get the job done, earn a great hourly rate.

If you’ve ever passed through Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, you may have seen XpressSpa massage ads. For a foot, neck, or back massage, they charge $42 for 15 minutes. That translates to $168 an hour.

To gain experience as a masseuse, you may start off working in a hotel, spa. Once you’ve built your client base, you can either start your place, or to cut on cost, you can offer at-home services for your clients.

Parts Model – Hand, Foot

Not everyone is blessed with awesome features. But if you’ve got what marketing and fashion companies are looking for, you can pull this off and earn a decent wage.

As a parts model, you can make 100 dollars an hour or more. However, this comes at a cost. You need to take good care of yourself. This could mean constantly moisturizing from top to toe, wearing gloves, or avoiding taking part in certain sports.

If you are earning top dollar as a parts model, you may consider insuring body parts.

When starting as a model, one way is to make money selling photos of yourself such as selling feet pics on instafeet or other stock photo sites. You can also invest in learning how to sell feet pics on Instagram.

Freelance Graphic Designer

As a freelance graphic designer, you are in charge of bringing out a company’s image inform of logos, brochures, and other marketing materials such as social media posters.

To fit into this role, you need to be creative, with an eye for detail. Graphic design is a competitive field. And with all the free tools available at people’s disposal, you need to have a unique style to stand out.

As a newbie graphic designer, you may not make much but as you build your portfolio and gain experience, you can charge 100 dollars an hour or even more.


There are tons of ways to make 100 dollars an hour out there. We deliberately focused on a few that are location independent and don’t necessarily require one to have a degree to make it as a career choice.

If you’ve been looking for a career change, or you are just starting, we hope this list helps you to have an idea of what options you have to make $ 100 an hour or more. The most important thing is to start. Have a plan, start, and work on building your skills, and before you know it, you’ll be making more than 100 dollars an hour.

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