Flipping Mattresses as a Side Hustle

Mattress flipping is a business that has been growing in popularity.

What do mattress flippers do?

They buy used mattresses from thrift stores, mattress warehouses, and garage sales, refurbish them with new materials where needed, and then resell them to customers at a profit.

There are two ways mattress flippers can go about this – wholesale mattress flipping or retail mattress flipping. Wholesale mattress flipper buys in bulk for cheap prices and then flips the mattresses one by one on websites like Craigslist or OfferUp.

Retailers usually buy their inventory in smaller quantities from individual sellers but have more control over what they sell because they don’t need to worry about finding buyers online.

Mattress Flipping as a Side Hustle

When you are looking for ways to make some extra money, mattress flipping may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, mattress flipping can be a great way to make money on the side! This article will discuss how mattress flipping works and what is required of you when you decide to flip mattresses as a side hustle.

What does mattress flipping entail? 

Mattress flipping generally involves buying used mattresses in bulk at low prices and then reselling them online or in-person for much higher rates. The goal is usually $100-$200 per mattress depending on size and condition which means about $500-1000 worth of profit per day if done correctly.

What do I need?

You’ll need an established mattress flipping business but the amount of money you need to start mattress flipping depends on how much inventory you want to sell at once, your cushioning and dumping fees, etc.

  • A mattress
  • Lifting equipment (e.g., a tarp)
  • Rubber mallet or heavy duty hammer
  • Gloves for mattress removal
  • Plastic mattress cover or mattress bags for transporting mattress to your location of choice.

Pros and Cons of Mattress Flipping

What are the pros and cons?


Some of the benefits include:

  • Being able to work from home
  • Setting your own hours
  • Working independently without a boss looking over your shoulder, etc.


On the downside, though you may have to deal with dirty mattresses, mattress stains, mattress odors, and the like.

What are the alternatives?

You may be able to make money by hosting an open house or garage sale (just enough space for your mattress inventory). Maybe you can charge people $20 per mattress if they just want to dump them in your backyard instead of taking them all to a landfill.

Premium Mattress Flipping

While flipping, in general, may involve buying a used mattress to flip, premium mattress flipping involves the purchase of a new mattress that a customer doesn’t want.

We all know when you unbox a bulky product that was packed at the factory it’s close to impossible to repackage it. This, coupled with the return policies makes some customers opt to sell their new mattress and purchase another.

This mattress buying process is exactly how mattress flippers find their inventory. You can look at classified ads to see who’s selling this type of mattress and contact them directly.

What supplies are needed for a mattress flipping side hustle?

You’ll need mattress buying supplies like:

Mattress bags – buy king-size bags to be on the safe side. You can purchase from Uhaul, Amazon, or Uline.

Mattress sanitizer or disinfectant – you’ll want to disinfect the mattress before packing it for resell.

Ratchet straps – ideal for foldable mattresses especially during transportation.

Tape gun and packaging tape – for taping the mattress bag in place.

Truck/SUV – you’ll need some form of transportation to get your mattress to a storage unit. A moving company like Dolly would be ideal if you are low on funds to purchase your own SUV.

What factors should I consider when starting?  

  • Do you have the necessary know-how to start this type of side hustle?
  • What mattress flipping supplies do you need to get started?
  • Are you ready for the commitment mattress flipping entails?
  • Are you able to lift at least 50+ pounds.
  • Do you own or have access to a dry and clean location to store your mattresses.
  • Knowledge of online selling.

Where can you sell your mattresses?

You’ve bought, cleaned, and repackaged your mattresses. The next question is, where and how to sell them and make a profit.

There are a couple mattress selling avenues to consider:


The cheapest way is through these two platforms. The issue, though, is that you may not be able to sell your mattress for as much money unless it’s in pristine condition and has all its parts (i.e., mattress cover). Plus eBay is not ideal for mattress selling.

Retail stores

Mattress flipping is ideally suited to mattress retailers since they buy new mattresses and sell them at a discount (e.g., Mattress Firm, Sleepy’s). You could also consider mattress specialty shops like Casper or Leesa who may be interested in your inventory as well.

Pawn Shop

Mattress flipping can be done by pawn shops because their inventory turnover rate is high. The downside, though, is that the price you are paid for your mattress could be lower than what you’re looking to get out of it through other avenues.

Wholesale Mattress Marketplaces

This avenue would involve selling your mattress at a discount for wholesale. Sites like Mattress Liquidator can be great places to sell your mattress as they have been in the mattress business and know what mattresses are worth, etc.

Offerup, Facebook Marketplace

These are other platforms that mattress flippers can use to sell their mattress inventory.

Other markets like garage sales or yard sales could work as well but you’ll likely get less money for your mattress because it’s not the ideal way of selling online.

Start your new side hustle!

Mattress Flipping is a great side hustle because you can work when and where you want.

If your mattress flipping side hustle takes off, it’s possible to earn in the six-figure range in a year if not more depending on factors like:

The size of mattress inventory that is sold and how much profit one makes per mattress sale.

How many mattresses are flipped per month.

Good Luck!

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